toot toot. 110 percent oc. Hey derp, whatcha doin'? Makin some [III for El \ Uh" well what kind of problems have you been having with your iphone? HA! i dont ow
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toot toot

Hey derp, whatcha doin'?
Makin some [III for El \
Uh" well what kind of problems
have you been having with your
HA! i dont own an mg‘
because they suck
Because everyone on
funnyjunk says so
So, who cares. you make
fun of apple and El gives
you thumbs
Uh cool, what' s it about?
Its about how crappy "I
iphones are 'l
So how do you have any idea
that they suck? R
So you actually have no idea
how good they are) arent?
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Submitted: 09/26/2012
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#1 - anonymous (09/26/2012) [+] (8 replies)
no, they actually are bad.
Read reviews, ask friends with an iPhone (those that aren´t ******* hipsters but smart friends). You drop them once and they break - apple won´t repair them for free or give you a new one like Samsung would do.
iPhones are also (like the mac) extremly expensive for the hardware they have (again: Samsung has better hardware and a lower price)

All aps for AppleSmartphones are expensive as **** , you cant use aps from outside the appstore.
Apples maps suck
iTunes sucks, you have to use it with an iPhone

these and more are the reasons iPhones suck.
Also Apple is a Dickhead company who sues ******* everyone for stupid reasons.
#15 - adamannater (09/27/2012) [-]
#9 - mahavir (09/27/2012) [-]
In India, iPhone 4S 16 gig costs 45k. Also, it was launched like 1 year after the original launch in USA. It is also costs around 15K more than what it does outside India!!

1 year later, Samsung S3 launched for 37K. Which is supposedly much faster and has a bigger screen than iPhone.

So yeah, I think Apple are too costly for the hardware they give. You kinda know when someone is pissing in your ear and calling it rain!!
#3 - klose (09/26/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Actually iPhone used to, not sure if still does, give out a new phone for a broken one if you still had guarantee. But yes, they are quite unreliable, after 1 year with the iphone 4, my home button and shut down button aren't functioning properly, have to press them real hard. And samsung is worth more the monay than apple is, it has better perks, not sure on the price ratio but it's somewhere near apple's, or tad cheaper.
I'm quite sure most are mad at apple also cause of the way they release products every year, adding just a tad bit, and then saying it's the new revolutionary thing. Also making the simple minded believe that they're "innovative" if they have one.
The new iPhone 5 also has bigger screen compared to the previous ones, so you can't use your old cover either. You also noticed how quick the iphone 5 was in the presentation right? Well on the website there is a note, that the iphone 5 is not as fast as presented in the presentation.
Personally thinking of selling my iphone 4 and getting a galaxy s3.
#21 - nostrafus (09/27/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Anti-Bandwagon bandwagon?
User avatar #19 - cancerousiguana (09/27/2012) [+] (1 reply)
"Police say she was raped before the murderer brutally stabbed her 8 times, resulting in her bleeding to death."

"God, that's horrible..."

"How would you know? Have you ever been raped, stabbed and bled to death?"

All aboard the "Getting raped, stabbed, and bleeding to death sucks bandwagon"
#14 - ninjacowboy ONLINE (09/27/2012) [+] (1 reply)
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