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(09/26/2012) [-]
Yo FJ I'm a Christian person and here are thoughts on the whole topic:
God designed marriage as a relationship between one male, one female, before God within a church community for life. However, countries like Australia have made marriage into a state institution. I believe that this is fundamentally wrong because the church and state should not be intertwined. However, as we cannot reverse the fact that a church institution has become a state one, Christians need to accept that marriage now has two separate meanings: 1) The original meaning intended by God: one man, one woman, before God and the church, for life, and 2) The state meaning which attributes certain benefits to couples under the law. These are two very different things. Christian couples intending to do things God’s way are really entering into the type of relationship set out in meaning number 1 and meaning number 2 is just a handy legal side part.

State marriage is not sacred, just as everything else made by this world is not sacred. We cannot go back in time and make marriage only available to those who want to do it God’s way. Therefore, I don’t really see how allowing homosexuals the legal rights that come with marriage would really make things any worse. They aren’t trying to be part of marriage in the first meaning of the word, they just want a marriage under the state. Christian couples can still obtain marriage a sacred marriage before God and no law passed by the government can change this, so they shouldn’t be worried.

Shoorysmile OUT.
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Old Testament marriage was very different, actually C:
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Hush now.