What a Douche. Biggest. Douche Bag. Ever.. the knew what? Dede Baggins is a giant douche. And here' s Aragorn: Only deuche metre was pretending be dead fer like i know You want me

What a Douche

Biggest. Douche Bag. Ever.

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the knew what? Dede Baggins is a giant douche. And here' s
Aragorn: Only deuche metre was pretending be dead fer
like an hem.
Legolas: Keeping scery of kills with Bow vs. Axe. kind taf a
deuche metre.
Simi: Said a let taf deuche stuff, but net really a deuche.
Gandalf: Net heading ente the cliff m the bridge and climbing
back up EASILY. Deuche metre.
Sam: He deuche moves that t can caunt.
Merry at Pippin: Drinking, feasting and smoking en a destroyed
isengard, kinda deuche metre.
Freda: Sat there and did mining when The Witch King stabbed
him en , Deuche metre. Ditching all tof veer friends
trump protected you and fought fer we in Maria and Heathers
Rohan, DOUCHE metre. Tricking smeagle inte an ambush by
Genderman Rangers, Deuche metre. Kicking Sam em of the club
314' s the ******* way inte the trip, Heir; ged... Ddi_ MOVE.
Turning around in Mt. Deem and claiming the ring fer theirself
like a little fruitcake, Deuche Move. EVEN AFTER all the pain and
suffering ends... ring is destroyed, ' s safe, might have
lest Borimir but he semes back in Game taf Thrones (And dies
again... prie: k.. l AND YET, you STILL ditch EVERYONE ta en a
******* beat with seme deuche elves and a wizard.
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User avatar #1 - thebuzza (09/23/2012) [+] (2 replies)
because its easy to pull yourself up from a bridge when a 30 foot tall demon is holding onto your leg with a whip made of fire and angry thoughts...
User avatar #10 - jacencaedus (11/28/2012) [-]
ok, to be fair, he didn't know that they were going to ambush Smeagol and if he hadn't, the rangers wee going to kill him
and it was either go on the boat, or die
User avatar #9 - dubstripsdips (10/23/2012) [-]
Yo, Op....Smeagle had the ring for close to 200 years...Just sayin.....
#8 - predacookie (09/23/2012) [-]
Nobody wants you. Saying douche to LOTR.
User avatar #6 - Squeasil (09/23/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Yes, Frodo was a huge douche. It wasn't like he had the epitome of evil and hate on a chain around his neck for 90% of the movies. Not like it was quickly corrupting him, mind and body. No, you're right. He was a complete douche for trying to send Sam home so he wouldn't get hurt. And how is getting stabbed on Weathertop a douche move? Not like he could have done anything about it. He was stunned from the Ring. The Witchking would have rustled his jimmies no matter what. Lastly, he abandoned the fellowship with their best interests in mind. He wanted them to stay safe, and running into Mordor is not exactly the most safe thing in the world. /endrant/
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