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#14 - natedizzie
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(09/22/2012) [-]
Obama is a figure-head The only reason he is president is because of his campaigning. He is just using Clinton's old presidential plan and reinstating it.
Watch when he is re-elected he will go for a gun ban. Like clinton

Personally what we need is an increased tax revenue of all AMERICANS
and serious budget cuts of government plans. Possibly signing over the Post office to a private firm or even other parts of the government that are failing.

We can then after controlling the budget work to put money into places like schools, hospitals and roads. Put greater regulation on the FED and wall street reinstate the glass steagall act.

Then remove troops from the middle east repairs ties with all countries and go into isolationism slowly rebuilding our infrastructure using tarrifs, embargos and taxes on import goods. putting people back into jobs and helping all classes.

Then restructure High school education to a two phase system of kids being able to leave after passing exams in 9th grade to go on to tech school or factory work
and allowing kids going to college to have a better learning environment.

how I feel after writing this