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#167 - absolyst (09/21/2012) [-]
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This image was flagged 09/28/2012
#185 to #167 - mogolliz (09/21/2012) [-]
User avatar #183 to #167 - pigbuttfoot ONLINE (09/21/2012) [-]

new laptop = no reaction pics
User avatar #171 to #167 - brum (09/21/2012) [-]
Holy **** ... I inspected its element, and its called a JPG...

User avatar #174 to #171 - absolyst (09/21/2012) [-]
Well, I sure as hell didn't make it. Found it in an anime thread and thought it was worth saving, still don't know how the **** it works.
#187 to #174 - greatcornholio (09/21/2012) [-]
Explanation time (from random fj sources and myself)

Someone took this picture, renamed its extension to .jpg, then used it on fj
it's still animated because as far as I know windows can't change a gif to another kind of file by merely renaming it

Then when posted on FJ the site sees that it is a jpg, so it allows the clicking and enlarging thing

Or, explanation 2

Someone took the original gif and captioned it, uploaded it in a comment, then you know the (Edit) and (Enlarge) buttons? They ******* (Edit) and saved it so it screws up FJ's knowledge of picture extensions

I don't know which one is right, but the first one seems more logical to me
User avatar #191 to #187 - Phort (09/21/2012) [-]
Mine says it's an image..... o_o
User avatar #192 to #191 - greatcornholio (09/21/2012) [-]
A gif is an image. only animated.
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