United Organs of My Body, Chapter 10. The long awaited 10th Chapter! Previous chapters: Chapter 1, It Begins: www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/4091471/United+Or united organs of my body Bookfaic hey there sexy
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United Organs of My Body, Chapter 10

Chapter . Stairs, and stare.
Walking around school, walking up slabs. .. Dat Ass in front of me*
Eyes: Dat Ass,,,
Hands: Must,,, Resist!
Head: Ydu' re restraining yourself! Good job Hands!
Hands: It wiuld be so much easier if admen still didn' t have any rights,,,
Mouth: You mean so we just r: rould treat them like objects?
Hands: Yeah,,, Pretty mum...
Mouth: I don' t like that. I think it' s degrading fbr admen. ..
Hands: That' s just ‘muse you ant do nufin' Givith'
Head: Strap the arguing guys, Admeen have rights HEW, no matter how stipid it is!
Ears: , Gabe in Revere an a budai an a builiding!
Get back antd dass, Look at Dat Ass*
Eyes: Oh my God! Oh my God! What do I do, what do I do?!
Head: Don' t break it! That will be awkward! Remain in eye r: Eyes!
Doria break eye r: *
Turns antd searing r: rankest*
Mouth: This is getting really awkward...
Remain in eye r: *
Head: Crap, .. We' re not getting out of this!
Heart: Don' t warry! I got this! Listen m me guys!
Everybody listen*
Heart: Walk up w her,,, Don' t break eye r:
her! It' s dur best shot!
Head: EEO EEO EEO Do as he says!
Legs mart walking, slowly‘
Eyes are fbr: used*
Bat Ass smiles*
Trip DH bag someone has put DH Mor"
Faceplants. =
Dat Ass: Oh my God! Are you alright?
Gets up*
Eyes: Uh God damnit!
Heart: kiss her! kiss her! Do it!!!
Mouth: Well how the hell am I gonna do that?!
Friend mils fbr Dat Ass m COME over*
Dat Ass: Yeah,,, She wants m iality me,,,
Bat Ass leaves*
EEO Look her passionately antd her eyes... And kiss
Heart: God Damnit. .. I' m pumpin' blood antd soulless organs of .
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User avatar #2 - massekor (09/20/2012) [-]
I cant wait for the next one. brilliant dude
#3 - xxdallascowboysxx (09/23/2012) [-]
hurry up and make another haha these are great
#1 - anonymous (09/20/2012) [-]
these make me laugh so much :D please keep doing them :D
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