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#1133 - IGiveUp
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(09/19/2012) [-]
For those of you about to scroll down, I will provide a brief synopsis.
*Smug atheist comment*
*"Why are all atheists dicks?" comment*
*"I'm an atheist and I am not a dick" comment*
*Over the top inaccurate defense of religion comment*
*All religion is stupid comment*
*Random trolling anon comment*
*Angered response from whichever side that said anon insulted*
*The essay on why one side is better than the other*
*The counter essay to first essay*
*Repeat essay process*
*We should all get along comment*
Sometimes I run around my house naked
*Can't get along because religion has killed millions*
*Can't get along because atheist nations(China/USSR) have killed millions*
#1135 to #1133 - noblescar
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(09/19/2012) [-]
Thank you for stopping me looking.
Thank you for stopping me looking.