United Organs of My Body, Chapter 9. Here ye go! Chapter 9! Hope y'all like it! Previous chapters: Chapter 1, It Begins: /funny_pictures/4091471/United+Organs+o united organs of my body Bookfaic hey there sexy
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United Organs of My Body, Chapter 9

Chapter 9. Wank] you like tn. Maybe. ehrn_ Like.
walking through the halls of school One morning, Planning m asking Dat Ass m go out, or
Legs: Left, right, left, right.
Mouth: Sc... Maybe ycu' d like m... Sometime,,, You know,,,
Ears: Hey Mouth? What are you doin'?
Mouth: I' m rehearsing. I don' t want m :: rew up again,,,
Ears: Uh. .. That' s smart! Good idea! I should warm up my listening fbr a , ..
Mouth: You do that! So, .. Maybe if you don' t got any plans this weekend...
Head: I got a bad feeling about this, .. But we gotis finish the mission!
Ears: Firsti was afraid! I was petrified!
Mouth: Shh please Ear,, Keep it dawn, oculd you?
Ears: Sorry, .. 'h/ Wipers" Ah, ah, ah, ah Stayin' Alive,,, Stayin' Alive!
Mouth: Thanks. So, maybe you like m. .. Give me a blimpy, .. nal. No Mouth! That' s bad! .
Maybe ycu' d like m. .. Go watd' 1 a movie? Yeah! That' s better! You go girl! Dude! I mean dude! . ..
Legs: Ncw. .. Just dawn these slabs. .. Hum dum, piece of rake.
Eyes: There! There she is! She' s sitting there, all alone!
Head: Well, it is pretty early,,, But, .. Forget that! This is our mantel She' s alone!
Penis: Rape time? l. 7
Head: NDI. Tme m ask her out! Legs, walk caer m her!
Legs: Roger Boss!
Head: Mouth, greet her!
Me: Hey there.
Dat Ass: Hey,
Me: Fun sitting all alone, or oculd you like some company? stakingly"
Dat Ass: Company oculd be great!
Head: Mouth! That was brilliant! Legs! Get us dawn next m her!
sit next m her*
Small t: about school SEW starts*
Conversation ends*
Head: Come m Mouth! It' s time! It' s time!
Mouth: I got it Chief!
Me: Sc... Iwas just thinking,,,
Dat Ass: Yeah?
Deep breath*
Me: Eould you maybe like m. .. Do someone some day?
Dat Ass: What?!
Me: Something! Imean something!
Dat Ass: tahh,, Uhm.. I guess” Ahould you have in mind?
Me: Well. .. Maybe engage in anal sex or something?
Mouth: No no nal. God Damnit! Sorry guys! Sorry! Sorry!
Me: I' m scary, I didn' t mean that! I meant m say...
Dat Ass: "Interrupt? Elm. .. I gotis get something in my : ker, ..
Dat Ass gets up and leaves*
Head: Well that r: rould' gone better,,,
Eyes: I don' t know, .. was that a smile when she said she had m leave?
Head: A smile?!
Eyes: Yeah,,, Ibelieve I saw cne...
Eyes turn, watd' 1 Dat Ass' s dat ass, She turns around, Smiles briefly, and keep goin' up the stairs.*
Eyes: That was definitely a smile!
Head: This is great guys! She tack it as a joke! Dr she wants m engage in anal sex, ..
Mouth: Ether way... It' s a . And it' s thanks m me!
Ears: That' s the F' qwer of Latte!
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Sir, you are amazing! I just read through all of the chapters - an you made my giggle like a little girl ! Very funny stuff:)
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I love you