United Organs of My Body, Chapter 8. It's an all new episode of United ORgans of My Body! Link to reruns: Chapter 1, It Begins: www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures united organs of my body Bookfaic hey there sexy
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United Organs of My Body, Chapter 8

hateme bus.
sitting an bus*
Dat Ass (Which will from new be 'Girl I kinda like' s' full name) gets on*
She sees me, sits next be m?
Nurse: She' s so dose I an smell her!
Head: Mouth! Initiate .
Conversation starts*
Head: Eyes! Strap looking at her tits! Hey wait... Tou' re not looking there. .. Are you looking at her
Head: Great! Doing great!
Ears: Conversation has strapped Sir!
Head: Damnit! Evasive maneuvers! Mouth, tell her a .
Mouth: What shall I say?!
Head: Just something about her! Maw!
Me: You have,,, Nice nostrils, ..
Head: *Facepalm* But of all the things. ..
Dat Ass: Haha, cute. Thanks.
Dat Ass smiles*
Eyes: Compliment her eyes! Compliment her eyes! They' re beautiful,
Me: You have beautiful eyes.
Dat Ass: You really think so? Thanks.
Dat Ass smiles even mar?
Penis: 'impersonating Eyes* Say ‘I' m pretty big dawn there,"
Head: STOP! You son ofa bitch Penis!
Mouth: What shall I say?!
Me: Pretty,,, Barefoot when I play volleyball, ..
Dat Ass: Haha, I see,
Head: Nice rescue... She seemed he like it,,,
Bus stop?
Dat Ass: Well, this is my strap, I guess I' ll see you around, Bye!
Me: Yeah, farewell!
Girl leaves*
Head: Excellent! Maw lets get out an the next strap so we an walk back the 8 straps we missed he be
Givith this girl!
Legs: 8 steps?! For a girl?! You think we' re bloody Marathon runners?!
Head: Hey! The rest of us did our job . So an you!
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