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User avatar #230 - LocoJoe (09/17/2012) [-]
Same **** , different asshole
#235 to #230 - John Cena (09/17/2012) [-]
One started three wars, spent billions of a manhunt but never found the guy, put our country in trillions of dollars. He's the smallest penis between the two.
User avatar #249 to #235 - LocoJoe (09/17/2012) [-]
Yes and Obama is so great by giving more welfare to the useless minorities who are just too ******* lazy to work. Oh and he lets ******* illegal immigrants stay in the country as well so all they have to do is just pop out some anchor babies and they can live off your tax dollars.
#242 to #235 - opcoolguy (09/17/2012) [-]
oh ya because it was his fault that the war started? not like any other president would have went into war too....
#259 to #242 - nicktheslayer (09/17/2012) [-]
How about any man with common ******* sense?
#266 to #259 - keithbuckley (09/17/2012) [-]
You realize democrats and republicans voted to go to war. Go be stupid somewhere else.
#270 to #266 - nicktheslayer (09/17/2012) [-]
You realize they were both wrong. I'll be stupid right here.
#271 to #270 - keithbuckley (09/17/2012) [-]
It made America safer. Until Obama came in and now look at the place.
#261 to #259 - opcoolguy (09/17/2012) [-]
everyone was pissed after 9/11 everyone wanted to go to war so to blame it on bush is just ridiculous. also he only has 1/3 of the vote to go to war
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