United Organs of My Body, Chapter 7. What will happen in Chapter 7 of United Organs of My Body? Stay tuned for more! Link to reruns: Chapter 1, It Begins: www.f united organs of my body Bookfaic hey there sexy
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United Organs of My Body, Chapter 7

Chapter T. I "Like" Ima.
sitting Givith computer, checking out Facebewk*
Head: Eould you keep it dawn?!
Eyes: Leek!
Ham girl (aka girl I kinda like (aka Dat Ass girl)) posted new pictue*
Head: New weild you leek at that. ..
Eyes: What a nice pictoral.
Hands: Should we 'like' it?
Mouth: Well. .. It weild shew her that we mew about her,,, Cir something, ..
Head: That' s right,,, Alright! Lets do this!
Fingers: Ahab's the plan boss?
Head: Here it is, .. We will temperate a maneuver, in order m 'like' this girls pictue, Hands and
fingers, you need m werk as a team, and you will be guided by information you receive from Eyes,
Eyes: when will the plan be executed Chief?
Head: Chief?. .. Has a nice ring m it,,, I like that!
Eyes: Yeah, I thought evit last night,,, But,, when will the plan be executed?
Head: Nine!
Heart: .. , isn' t this romantic?
Head: What are you talking about Heart?
Heart: Tou' re being a romantic leader. .. Master!
Head: Master . .. I like that! But what the hell do you mean romantic?
Heart: It' s obvious! The similarity,,, Between the girl and the, ..
Head: There' s no similarity!
Heart: Se... It' s a coincidence?
Head: It must be! But ferget about that! There' s no time!
Eyes: Like butten has been targeted Chief!
Hands: We' re ready m operate!
Fingers: Is it time?
Head: Wait fer it,,,
Clock ED: 59*
Fingers hit the like butten*
Eyes: Wait fer it!
tou like this"
Head: Success!
Mouth: New she mews what we wanna do Givith her!
Head: No, she den' t mew that, just from a 'like'. ..
Mouth: But Hands and Fingers are Iterating it as a cemment. ..
Head: What?!
Head leeks en cemment field, A rather, .. Erotic bunch of sentences have been written dawn. =
Hands: New just m press Enter!
Head: Step! , want m use you like a glove en my penis!" ?!?!?!?!?! Dame' s the matter Givith you?!
Hands: We were just tryin' m be romantic!
Head: Well it ain' t! Delete it, new! We' re finally en the right track here!
Hands delete text*
Mouth: But new what Head?
Head: New... We wait! Play us out Ears!
Ears: Oh when the Saints!
Zoom out, finde*
Ears: {Uh when the Saints!) Go marching in! (Go marching in!) Oh when the Saints go marching in!
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User avatar #2 - persephoni (10/08/2012) [-]
I'm oddly intrigued to see what happens.
#1 - Ken M (09/20/2012) [-]
Boooo saintss go Collingwood
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