United Organs of My Body, Chapter 5. Here we go with number 5! Number 6 should arrive shortly, or something! Previous Chapters: Chapter 1, It Begins: www.funnyj
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United Organs of My Body, Chapter 5

Here we go with number 5! Number 6 should arrive shortly, or something!

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1, It Begins: www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/4091471/United+Organs+of+My+Body/
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Chapter 5. Everything needs balance.
Ne sitting at school Givith some friends, balking bullshit'
Ears and Mouth busy wilt: *
Eyes: Hey Head?
Head: What?
Eyes: Shouldn' t you alas be triking part in the chat Givith these guys?
Head: What? Ne... Guys don' t use their head while balking. .. I' m as much needed as a parachuting
elephant during an underwater rescue,,,
Eyes laugh‘
Head: That was truly a pathetically Eyes,,, Just be en the lookout Fer staff, ..
Appendix: Uh Boy! Anything I can do Head?!
Head: Ne! Youre useless,,,
Appendix: You would miss me WI left though, ..
Head: Sure! Whatever makes You sleep at night,,,
Eyes: Guys! Alert! 1' e' deck.!
Heart: It' s anly 11: 35!
Head: Tou' re m romantic in get this staff Heart,,, Leave it ten us!
Eyes: Look! It' s her!
Ham girl (aka girl I kinda like) walking closer, en her way past us‘
Head: Allright guys, time m make her notice us,,, Slightly! Not tee much, not tee little!
Hands: We' re en it boss! Legs? Stranding!
Girl passes"
Hands: Initiate maneuver Legs!
Legs get up, mart Ewing up Givith girl‘
Hands: Dat ass,,,
E meters behind girl"
Hands: Finally,,,
Head: What are you doing Hands?!
l. 5 meters behind girl"
Irland reaches out'
Irland halfa meter from 'Dat ass'"
Head: Oh no you don' t!
Head knocks out balance, ferneplant mm Hem‘
Nese: Wen fuck,
Hands: What the hell did you do that Fer?!
Girl turns around, sees Me lieing en Hem. Girl laughs a bit, walks away‘
Hands: See?! New she laughed at us!
Heart: I hurt.
Penis: I hurt.
Appendix: I hurt.
Head: You dent got feelings Appendix!
Hands: Whats that girls name anyway?
mud music plays from '
Hands: Oh, I see, Nice name, Nice ass tee...
Eyes: Let' s get up... People are searing, ..
Head: "Dramatic ending monologue, balking m himself' One step deser. .. It wen' t happen taday. ..
Maybe net . .. But some day, .. One day, everything will go as planned! And I will finally be
loved! Muahahahaha! "Anheroing bolts in background'
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Submitted: 09/14/2012
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#2 - ganjalf (09/14/2012) [-]
this is good
this is good
#1 - propone (09/14/2012) [-]
Awesome stuff, OP! Keep up the good work :)   
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Awesome stuff, OP! Keep up the good work :)
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#3 - xXDeadpoolXx (09/14/2012) [-]
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