Photoshop Troll strikes yet again. All deeds go to Photoshop Troll at Photo restoration Boris in no I was wondering ifyou could loom thi Photoshop restoration
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Photoshop Troll strikes yet again

All deeds go to Photoshop Troll at

Photo restoration
in no
I was wondering ifyou could loom this photo of my undo it has over no aim would no
to WI it as a on to my mom I hallo mod to 'st it tho sweater is no problem hut tho face ME mo a
Thank you in advance
m Boll’
We made Some plows on you! . ' woll. lhg on tho or
hls face lolollol
The Sweaty and Slime l ' t have much to won. mm hut l (Will. n om woo»: an
How no t look Mal’?
Also hsould you hls no to add tho photots g may hon ll up o in
Than .
wow this looks really goat I am tally amazed’ In won on tho sweater wank on this thank our
W. UT I wanted it no ' s I kinda no this sophia out now that you mention it I am interested how it
would look coloured m would ho goat ifyou could keep one sophia and " one with colour I no
rm not asking for too much
Thank \lou once moo hope to ho. -n from you soon
in the arm ‘ti/
l was who tumble who asleep will such 'aacc' won. wow; fol no on my computor. so l wont hock a
ll halls
VEI.‘( VVL mood BR how. and adds , . W male moo , (mg ll lull. add
Does tho look my to yuuh
Next PM won. on hls loco. no part ls chug to ho wally . l itm have to ohm some
polls on face molly l can out my digitol cl to luv l
I wouldn‘ I know own tho colouring since that is no '.. , —
won my mom was this I think is will ask you to who for dinner " I om many exiled II is going
to ho an emotional moment
And I would no to know your homo I no to know tho poison who is helping mo only in
ism against your mos and regulations
All tho host
Request loom @phot
oops was when l " Small and ingot to attach tho photo. halal
l how remembered to attach tho med y
omglol l con helm
ll on no photo W - ojhou , ll loop you " mil
My homo . no has loin all will no lolilol
will tho , It or
ll to tho lost (Wills lamest pom! though Elms re o all l
Brian this looks really goat hut I think In polo. the I = want to make you won as
easier as I can so in troubles you you can skip tho colouring Then again ifyou are willam to
experiment go for it 4
no no looks many cool I don‘ t know in was backlit hut this is giving a no dimensional
look to it andi no it On tho other side I think on made his look bigger rm am:
nanobob would be more natural Lots say it mods a no shaping up 4
Thank you and one more
mod to lolollo hls no . too nach deal! ml l had to 1919313 hls
loco ml Swatch
l con you ohy , Slime l have almost doubled my emulated Urns.
l have to mono onto my next IL' L'
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Submitted: 09/14/2012
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#2 - selfdenyingbeggar (09/15/2012) [-]
It's not funny if you don't show the reaction is there anyone who didn't see that coming?
User avatar #1 - zimork (09/14/2012) [-]
Its starting to get too old for my taste.
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