YOLO. Sorry about the white space =] Here's the link, though! www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/13/ervin-mckinness-driving-drunk-tweet-yolo-dies-car-crash-dui-_n_1 yolo drunk driving Crash black people rapper
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Ervin Plainness, a aspiring
rapper, tweeted about driving drunk at no
mph minutes before dying in a fiery
crash that killed the rapper and
four others.
Plainness posted the tweets
about speeding while driving drunk on the
This photo of Ervin Plainness (L) was used as the
rapper' s Twitter profile picture.
i, Pd 2. 15 Inky? .Follow
Drunk at going no drifting corners YIELD
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but you're wrong YOLT
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hurr derr