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User avatar #164 - sketchE ONLINE (09/14/2012) [-]
to canadians who think theyre bad ass because they see these every now and then
i have one in my front yard almost every day
sincerely an alaskan
#193 to #164 - anonymous (09/14/2012) [-]
#175 to #164 - hypocrunt **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#169 to #164 - anonymous (09/14/2012) [-]
Shit you're badass.
#171 to #169 - sketchE ONLINE (09/14/2012) [-]
coming from an anon that means a lot. i mean you guys are so badass not having a username youre like anonymous and stuff
User avatar #168 to #164 - fxremastered (09/14/2012) [-]
"every now and again" if anyone goes near a forest you see a fuckton.
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