Scumbag Self-checkout. . Intell Its.? ll! litl g I ITEM IN BAGGING. Or it keeps saying, "place item in bagging area".
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#13 - stinacharizard (09/12/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Or it keeps saying, "place item in bagging area".
Or it keeps saying, "place item in bagging area".
#7 - riddlerboy (09/12/2012) [+] (5 replies)
Im a cashier, and it is sometimes my job to watch these things, you do not know the horror of watching dumbasses try to use em.
I literally watch people hit the "I dont want to bag this item" button, so the machine assumes there will be no weight, and then they place the item in the bagging area and are confused why it is ******* up for them.....
There is one man that comes in every time and literally screams at the machines calling them stupid, and useless, and takes 20 mins to buy a couple items.

If there is one thing that i have learned from being a cashier, it is that customers are ******* stupid.
User avatar #1 - bluckets (09/11/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Well next time they'll expect my penis.
#2 - amybumble (09/11/2012) [-]
I shop there.
I shop there.
#14 - commentor (09/12/2012) [+] (1 reply)
****		 self checkout.
**** self checkout.
#22 - conroyjonez (09/12/2012) [-]
that happens because everyone is impatient as **** and presses the "skip bagging" button, and then proceed to put it in the ******* bag. Then the message appears telling you to remove it, and of course people stare at it as if it were another language. So the employee clears the message. Then after it has been cleared, ******* decide that they speak african and remove the ******* item. I swear if people dont stop this **** we are gonna have a new holiday remembering the safeway massacres of 2012.
#21 - jackrabbitx ONLINE (09/12/2012) [-]
I work at Home Depot. When you press the start button on ours, the thing talks to you and says "Please scan the item, and place it in the bagging area. When you are done, press the pay now button." Its not scan the item, and hold it in your hand, or scan the item, then scan it again, or even scan the item and shove it up your ass. Its scan the item and place it in the ******* bag. It amazes me how people cant follow simple instructions that you don't even have to read, the machine says it out loud for you.
User avatar #27 - Spounty (09/12/2012) [-]
I ******* hate when someone comes in and starts using it with like 289 thousand items in the ******* trolley, they should really put up a 10 items or less sign.
#34 - gogstarr (09/12/2012) [-]
Not only that the 			*******		 staff are useless.   
They just wonder round and then look at you in disgust when you ask them to reset it. >mfw
Not only that the ******* staff are useless.
They just wonder round and then look at you in disgust when you ask them to reset it. >mfw
User avatar #33 - Just Another Guy (09/12/2012) [-]
Does anyone else throw items on as quicky as possible so you don't hear "PLEASE PLACE THE ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA" every time you scan something? xD
User avatar #30 - Titanasgr (09/12/2012) [-]
"Unexpected item in bagging area"
***** you just raped a bagging machine.
User avatar #29 - dfahl (09/12/2012) [-]
as a manger at a kroger store i laugh at this just because so many people cant ******* read the screen. its pretty self explanatory. scan, set item in bag, repeat. no gimmicks at all
User avatar #28 - esmebuffay (09/12/2012) [-]
Then it flips it's **** if you pick it up before finishing paying.
#12 - Absolute Madman (09/12/2012) [-]
you had a row with a chip and pin machine?
#10 - tonythetiger (09/12/2012) [-]
**tonythetiger rolled a random image posted in comment #453869 at MLP Friendly Board **
User avatar #9 - mulgarid (09/12/2012) [-]
Just go up to one, stand there for like a minute, then be like "Eh, guess they don't wanna get payed!" and just ******* bolt.
User avatar #6 - thejerseyjenn (09/12/2012) [-]
looks like a tesco self check-out thing.
like the one i went to in poland.
User avatar #5 - aldheim (09/11/2012) [-]
The ones at New World always work flawlessly.
Hooray NZ?
User avatar #4 - Loppytaffy (09/11/2012) [-]
Morrisons is worse.
User avatar #3 - drmccabe (09/11/2012) [-]
looks like the tesco i shop at
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