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User avatar #1699 - deathstare
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(09/12/2012) [-]
PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE! 2 commercial planes crashing into any steel building would not destroy it utterly! I doubt it would even make a large DENT. The resulting fire would not be hot enough to melt the steel, and even weakened steel will not allow a building to crumble to dust. There were many people saying the 2 planes did not look like commercial jets at all. By now most construction and demolition workers and experts agree the WTC was a controlled demolition.

Now, ask yourself why the WTC would be demolished without the public knowing? Well, do you remember what happened after that? Yup we invaded the Middle Eastern Countries to avenge our fallen comrades. What did we accomplish? We invade Iraq, and Iran, and say oops wrong country and we begin attacking other countries. Eventually it loses it's revenge motive, and becomes a liberation front. What are we liberating exactly? Are we freeing the citizens from their oppressive government? Nope, we "liberated" the oil reserves.

Essentially, the WTC fell to get Oil from the Mid East Countries.
User avatar #1821 to #1699 - WhattheNorris
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(09/26/2012) [-]
DUMBASS, DUMBASS, DUMBASS! I thumbed you down for that alone.