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#1685 - blazingup
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(09/12/2012) [-]
This is one of the most rediculous conspiracies. Although both sides seem to have logical points there is a clear answer that everyone is missing. I do not have that answer but I do believe that the towers were compromised by the jet crashes. Videos reveal the structural damage just look. Please tell me that some of you honestly don't believe that a multi tonne jet crashing into a support beam doesn't have the power to compromise that beam. It does have that power. While jet fuel doesn't burn as hot as steels melting point, the already compromised beams now had fire all around them to weaken them. Also there is video evidence of melted steel dripping from the side of the building again just watch. Building 7 is another subject. I believe that is was a controlled demolition by the government but only because the building had extensive damage. It was kept private because of the ********* it would raise. Sorry if this angers anybody although it shouldn't it is a mere statement of opinion
User avatar #1749 to #1685 - greawous
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(09/12/2012) [-]
Give this man a medal for not sounding like an asshole like every other person who believes that the government did it!