Facebook Fails Part 2(read Description). funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/408727/Facebook+Fails+Part+3+read+Description/. new units Here' s Part ftt min!!! I attack JasonMRaz Rape facebook fails mondo lol admin Boobs fourchan sucks monkey Nuts cool inventions
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Facebook Fails Part 2(read Description)

new units Here' s Part ftt min!!!
I attacking the Death Star when t hit me! "I need a
omputer that can target the exhaust hatch!" So item the Bees at Microsoft, and
DEM! windoww 7 comes out. now i can blow up the Death Star Without relying
en the Force. My name is Luke , and Windows 7, was MY idea.
Anthonygg" if anyone wants he find some trouble tonight. hit
me with
tatters we Comment we
Erie new for trouble
I hours we I Delete
Make It .
I I hours we - thine
Erie“. In protect the went: hom
t hours we r Delete
t: no unite an people: within our
2 hours no - Delete
it hours we I Delete
I Hill‘! -II“ **** urhh...... extend our with he
I the stars ,, rel
2 hours we - Delete
would like nit ' guy: he
linemen we -Delete
HEY INNS "Ill! Thumbs Ill! Ball
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Submitted: 05/07/2010
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lol church guy is the funnniest
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