Legendary Comedian Tommy Cooper. A selection of great jokes from the late great comedian Tommy Cooper<br /> 50+ thumbs for More!!!!!. Legendary Tommy Coop funny tommy cooper lol hilarious jokes

Legendary Comedian Tommy Cooper

A selection of great jokes from the late great comedian Tommy Cooper<br />
*****50+ thumbs for More!!!!!*******

Legendary Tommy
Apparently one in five people in
the World is Chinese. And there
are 5 people in my family. So it' s
either my Mum or Dad. My older
brother Colin. Or my younger
brother . Buti think it' s
I went to the doctors the other
day and I said, "Have you got
anything for wind?" So he gave me
a Kite.
I went to the Doctor and said Ht
hurts when I do that." He said,
Man goes to the doctor, with a
strawberry growing out of his
head. The Doctor says H' ll give
you some cream to put on it"
Two Aerials meet on a roof - fall i’
love - and get married. The
ceremony was terrible but the
reception was brilliant.
What do you call a fish with no
A fsh.
The phone was ringing, I picked it
up and asked “Who' s speaking
please?" And a voice said "You
I rang up my local swimming
baths. I said Is this my local
swimming baths" He Said Ht
depends where you are calling
from f
So I rang up my local building firm.
I said "I wanna skip outside my
house." He said “Tm not stopping
RIP Tommy Cooper
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