V for vendetta. i hope this doesn't sound like a rant. hey guys, i would like to tell you a story of how ychan killed one of the things i love this man' s name
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V for vendetta

i hope this doesn't sound like a rant

hey guys, i would like to tell
you a story of how ychan
killed one of the things i
this man' s name is Alan
Moore. He has made
some of the greatest
comics in the world
ALAN Mann:
favorite comic book evar!
then these two brothers who created the matrix trilogy
made the fullversion of the comic wich i enjoyed them.
a douchebag intenet
group called "anonymous"
decided to use the mask
from the movie and
comic for there own evil
and then every douchebag and
t ' troll on the intenet took this
mask up as their symbol... weal
now the mask that belonged to
the badass hero in the badass
comic now is a symbol of
intenet trolling and
so please ychan i beg of
you stop killing the things
i love!
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Submitted: 05/07/2010
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User avatar #9 - GeorgeBushIsSexi (05/11/2010) [-]
4chan killed my mom so quit ur bitching
#6 - xxxsonic fanxxx (05/09/2010) [+] (2 replies)
guy fawkes was a british Catholic who tried to blow up the parliament building due to the monarchy suppressing Catholics. so anon uses the mask as a symbol of rebellion (good ol' ******* stupid intolerance)
User avatar #5 - bakinboy (05/07/2010) [-]
you posted this on the wrong site
User avatar #3 - Raawwr (05/07/2010) [+] (1 reply)
I actually have one of these masks.
#2 - xxxsonic fanxxx (05/07/2010) [-]
they used this mask before v for vandetta as they called it a guy fox mask (dont ask me why im no anon expert) now they just call it an anon mask
User avatar #1 - HannibalLecter (05/07/2010) [-]
Dude..you're slow..that's been they're symbol..
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