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Facebook Fails Part 1(read Description)

t Diane FE: Thanks for showing me how to use the google map
to find places! It' s El bit confusing but I' m learning, Lave ya!
I 38 minutes ago Comment- Like
Todd - Mrs., Fa, try it' s my easier
than genie its catered to senior citizens!
BE minutes ago
Diane Fa; -g Thanks Todd, iwill try it out! Mark your
hie nos are so !
31 minutes ago
Mark FE GRANDMA . ll. ll.
28 minutes ago
on Ta ago. I gotta be more careful, stillwater fbr six pm
J E 9 minutes ago via Mobile Web ' Comment ' Like
on are What happen?
8 minutes ago
rail- ‘ i.: -i dropd a meatball in my shirt and burnt
my boob
6 minutes ago
H *speechless*
F' 4 minutes ago
I. don' t tail: to me about talking about tame subjects on Facebook when
I you become a fan of HEDVIG YOUR MINER
5 minutes ago ' Comment I Like
s goth hide my junk
3 minutes ago
I you don' t have junk
3 minutes ago "E Mom
It you have a teeny veiny
3 2 minutes ago
Write a comment. ..
s became a fan of Hiding Your Boner. . we men! . like . Em a Fan
minutes ago . Comment - Like
is 2 people like this,
Ashley]! was right!
i always knew u were gem ham.
19 minutes ago
MI Troy! do your homework boy!!!
17 minutes ago R. Father!
Traynor Tm going tn whoop your gay ass.
16 minutes we
13 minutes ago
Write an comment...
Iii get thumbs will make part
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#4 - anon
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(08/08/2011) [-]
FIRST ONE IS DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOL'ed!!!!!!!!!!! lolollolol
User avatar #2 - wellthissucks
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(02/07/2011) [-]
the second one doesn't make any sense. The person commenting isn't his mom, it's the person that posted the status dumb ass.
User avatar #3 to #2 - wellthissucks
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(02/07/2011) [-]
not second, third
User avatar #1 - GetInTheKitchen [OP]
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(05/07/2010) [-]
come on please thumb up!