Apple Sues Samsung. Want lawsuit payment? Why not Nickels?. Apple Sues Samsung ther Its Android Technology for . 525 Ewen In one the largest patent laws its kin
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Apple Sues Samsung

Want lawsuit payment? Why not Nickels?

Apple Sues Samsung ther Its Android Technology for . 525
In one the largest patent
laws its kind, Apple Inc
has sued Samsung tor
525 billion over their
alleged infringement the
iphone and ipad with
Satsu ' s And reid
technolagy smart phones.
As Apple claims, Satsu
owes "substantial monetary
damages" tor when they illegally "chose to compete by copying Apple"
Samsung claims that it in tact originated seme the technolagy in question,
and has counterspell Apple.
If Apple wins, not only will Samsung have to take its phones eff the market
until they can design them around the patent laws, but Andrewd itself, Which is
used by many phone companies, will be stifled. Apple seeks to instate a
permanent injunction to stop future violations.
Why billion dallars? Samsung has overtaken Apple as the larger
maker Smartphones. Apple claims Samsung has cost apple million,
while making billions themselfes_
The technolagy is question regards the leek and feel the iphone and ipad
tablet computers, the "rubber banding" design tor how images snap back inte
place after the user has scrolled with his finger, and how the iphone
communicates with its operating system.
Not only {tees Apple have to make its case, but it haste convince a jury. "he
use in such a trial is rare and leads to unpredictable outcomes_ "he
jury, after all, will be peopled by these ignorant computer technolagy and
the nuances patent law. Apple and Samsung will not only have to make
their cases, but make them in simple term;
Prejudge presiding over the case, Which takes place in San Jose, California,
will be Lucy FL Hen, whe not only has werked as a patent lawyer
tor nine years in a private practice, but has even werked on a patent case
against Apple.
The outcome the case is expected to affect how these markets grow in the
future, and determine how technolagy patents - Which have lately increased
the overall number patents and the amount patent litigation significantly
will play out in the future.
Samsung will likely cite the predict demands that make the Smartphones
leek alike. ''It' s the argument," said Mr. Carrier Rutgers.
A microwave oven, like a Smartphone or a tablet computer, but its nature
tends to have a certain men-" Resemblance "deosn' t always mean youve got
patent infringement-"
Apple will be represented by Michael Jacobs Morrison & Beepster;
Samsung will be represented by Charles Verhalten Quinn Emanuel
Urquhart Oliver & Hedges-
Home 23- Science 2- News be Rumors Saying Samsung Pays Apple Fl Billion In 30 Trucks Full era Cents Co
Hoax Alert: Samsung pays Apple Billion in 30 trucks
full of 5 cents coins
Article Opinian[ 12} D new we its :: 64
Today the Internet is abound with the news of
Samsung sending traelos loaded with aas of s
mum to the Apple' s headquarters in California. The
news is a hoax.
This news report published in Paperclip today
says the security company that protects the fatility
said it was diverted to the wrong place, but minutes
later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from
Samsung CEO explaining that they will pay
billion dolla rs for the fine re bently ruled against the
South Korean company in this way.
The report further says that the idea which
originated from a meme of the popular website
gaag. eem, meld present a way to pay the amount.
It is to be noted that the jury did not specify a
single payment method, and, so Samsung is entitled to send money in any form as they deem best, to the
Mate producers.
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The idea on 9gag was more than likely stolen from FJ..
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