The best grandma in the world. . LIKE TO RENEW IT' S HIS BEEN Ijwe BEEN GETTING tfor, IFA' g HAW Tia, I DARKLY. My grandma passed away a year ago last week. She paid for my Game Informer subscription and every time she got a new magazine in the mail, she'd slip a 20 in th
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My grandma passed away a year ago last week. She paid for my Game Informer subscription and every time she got a new magazine in the mail, she'd slip a 20 in the front cover. In the last one she ever got for me, she slipped a handwritten note in it because she was going blind and, I think, knew she was going soon, what with all the medical problems she'd been having. She wrote that the only reason she'd been paying for the subscription every year was because I always came around to pick them up myself, and always said thank you. And that I would always be her favorite. When I came to pick the last one up, she gave it to me with a taped up box and told me to open it 'when it felt right'. A few weeks later she had a stroke and passed. The day I heard, I opened the box. It was the Halo Reach box set (with the statue of Noble Team) that I'd been talking about but was too beta to ask for. She remembered and got it for me.

I cried for days.

Thanks for the feels, OP.
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Feel time.
>Me at the age of 7
>Got beat-up at school. Nobody noticed, I didn't fight back because I thought I was good friends with the guy
>I get home, grandparents are visiting from Virginia
>Grandpa notices. Totally knows what went down even though I didn't say anything
>He's scholarly as **** , owns a whole library of literature and works for NASA, helped put Neil Armstrong on the moon
>Begins telling me the actual story of Frankenstein, not the ****** hollywood movie version
>Explains how society is a monster
>11 years later, I'm leaving for college in an hour
>Unexpectedly, he visits
>Hand me a present
>Really nicely bounded copy of Frankenstein
>Tells me "Don't let society bring you down"
>I've never forgotten that message.
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Story time because why not

>Be 13
>Kinda chubby little girl
>Dad & Mom are ****** and divorced and abusive this that the other thing
>Get in huge fight with my mom
>She's so drunk like can hardly think
>Throws me out of the house because I'm not skinny enough for her
>Sad sad sad
>That summer still feeling really bad about my weight
>Get really depressed even at a small age
>Go to my Grandparents like every summer
>Still really sad
>Grandpa notices
>Pulls me aside and asks me what happens
>Tell him about hating myself because I'm not skinny
>He tells me that i'm just full of personality and that if my mom doesn't like that then she obviously doesn't have much of a personality and that people will like me more because of my personality and want to hang out more
>Grandpa is still alive but really old
>Probably only a few years left
>Cry like a bitch at this post because gonna miss my Grandpa so much when he dies
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I don't know what gave me more of a feel, the grandma or the fact that Nintendo Power ends forever in December...
#314 - ultimatepowah (08/28/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Grandma's been squatting lately
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That shirt.
#137 - kirbyy (08/28/2012) [-]
I want to believe too.
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My grandma's a bitch.
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my grandma died today
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That looks like a definately real magazine..
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Little kids on the internet read this and read it well.

No ones immortal, hug your family and friends every day cause they aint gonna live forever. Little Timmy might possibly die tomorrow or next year. Sure we have a bunch of ways making people better but we cant make death better.

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this will cheer you guys up :D
this will cheer you guys up :D
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