Epic Revenge. Saw this on /b/ and thought it was epic.. File: 1273_ . KB, 442x347, . png) E Anonymous ixi/ ) 23: 29: 47 haia. Elk Inf. I' m wing In tell ynu a s epic Revenge guy owns Girl Rape Awesome sauce
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Epic Revenge

Epic Revenge. Saw this on /b/ and thought it was epic.. File: 1273_ . KB, 442x347, . png) E Anonymous ixi/ ) 23: 29: 47 haia. Elk Inf. I' m wing In tell ynu a s

Saw this on /b/ and thought it was epic.

File: 1273_ . KB, 442x347, . png)
E Anonymous ixi/ ) 23: 29: 47 haia.
Elk Inf. I' m wing In tell ynu a story. This story is NET: a baaww thread. nnw pasta. sending me In my auntie and uncle in bellair. This actually happened. and Wynn
dnno want In believe me. well then ynu can w fuck WI.
It all started back in the end eary. I am a collegefag. and I had just when back In an hcml nne week am. It was a Friday night, and me and my wed friend were
Ming nur patriotic duties: the m large nts : nhnz. It was El. and we were planning In hit the frats (where all the parties are) arm IO, 10: 30.
Anyway, arm 9: 35 an. my friend pets a call fram a girl he' s friends with saying smoething alang the lines Matte and my turn friends need drinks fnr Inn ifht can
ynu help us?' I had just made a beer run earlier that day, and tits are always relevant. an I said 'sure. Why nni." Anyway, they name up, we keep drinking. everything' s
wing well.
c. Ann hymn us iah/ : aiy. 10 Ma.
Anyway, I get In chatting with nne ofthem in partied er (nat super hunt anything, but nathing wrang with her]. and start spitting 30% game.
Anyway, It rills by. and we all dentin In m dawn In the frats In party fnr a bit. mud mus in. large name. that snet nathing.
Within 15 minutes m being there. I start dancing with the chick I was chatting up. Things are wing really well. and within an hour, she' s bank in my mm. We
start stripping, kissing, an We went all the way, but she said amp. She Hayes in the moarning, I dant hear a thing fram her again fnr tern weeks.
Tern weeks la. ter. she says I raped her. Within 5 tenure m her saying this, I have three frat brethern [wham evidently she was friends with) name In my mm
and try In kick the shit : I was noly sawed by the fan that my Rewas nearby. Within 24 hours, my life e afrunk. I ended up
mite. the dean . the whale thing.
C. Ann hymn us alh/ : aiy. 50 Ma.
Here' s where it gets good. I have a friend (a med friend. 100% bro), wham We known fnr nuber 10 years now [pure channe that we ended up wing In the same school) dentin In help me nut. and get
revenge m the bitch. And, let me say with m :: ual nna notations. he e hot In the mint m being able In get girls easily (and he' s annually a med guy, but that' s anither stary].
Anyway, she decent knew that me and him are friends. He starts talking In her in class, chatting her up, and they begin In get close Char the nna me Ma week tern. she starts trying In ask him nut. He
keeps rebuffing her. but HUT in any snet Mwaa that make her amp.
Eventually. he asks her In he mm. saying he wants In talk In her. Now, he has he la. up and running, recording the whale with webcam and mic. He (lying) says that he dnoe have 30%
feelings fnr her. but the e trna bled by her getting raped. He says he wants In hear what happened were he reaked any serene with her.
Afterr stumbling fnr a bit, she eventualy In him that I dent annually rape her and that her friends were calling her a slut fnr ‘sleeping’ with me that night.
He tells her that the e heavy stuff, and he wants In sleep m it: he' ll have an answer fnr her by .
He same the yuan and uploads . .
hryi sweet it e.
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#3 - KoTBLeo
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(05/06/2010) [-]
I hate all of this **** where someone can just say that they were raped even if they weren't just to destroy someone else's life. On a lighter note, THERE IS NO THREAT OF RAPE IF YOU STAY IN THE GOD DAMN KITCHEN!
#5 - CoboHaLL
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(05/06/2010) [-]
ive always wanted to do something like this. Very clever
#4 - Levintry **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
#1 - WeinerSauce
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(05/05/2010) [-]
He should of served her with some... weiner sauce