Tell Me Your Story. So, I while browsing through people on Omegle, I was asked to tell my story. I did. I apologize for the possibly bad quality. I just screenc tell me your story homicidalherpes omegle Cannibalism
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Tell Me Your Story

Tell Me Your Story. So, I while browsing through people on Omegle, I was asked to tell my story. I did. I apologize for the possibly bad quality. I just screenc

So, I while browsing through people on Omegle, I was asked to tell my story. I did.

I apologize for the possibly bad quality. I just screencapped and put it together in MS Paint.

For the conversation in possibly better quality:

In before TL;DR

ultl, meg Talk to strangers!
You‘ re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
Stranger: tell me your story
You: Once upon a time, there was a small
ship. It was wrecked on a beach, studded with
large, gleaming boulders. Upon the small
vessel, there was but one survivor who had
been feasting on the flesh of her dead
commerces for many weeks. This survivor
was but a young lady who was very
noticeably pregnant, due to give birth at any
moment. Week after week passed, and when
all hope was lost, a large native man stumbled
across her shelter. He was muscular and had
little issue returning her to his camp. It was not
long after that she gave birth, which was the
beginning of my story.
r' : The woman gave birth to an incredibly
healthy baby girl who learned the ways of the
aboriginal people very quickly. From the
moment she could comprehend human
nature, the baby was taught how to speak
their tongue, dance for tradition, worship their
r' : The mother, however, did not approve of
the raising of her child. She was a strong
Christian woman who wanted nothing more
but for her daughter to grow into a fine,
religious woman like herself. As the years
passed, it was apparent that her dreams
would never come true.
You: Her daughter had grown into a fine lady, though
not the type of "tine" she had wanted. Instead, she
caught the attention of the village boys with her lean
muscles, long blonds hair and striking blue eyes.. She
was not a housewife by any means of the sense as
she much preferred the rugged life of men' s chores,
hunting and building.
You: She also held very strongly to the religious beliefs
of the village, and not at all to the Christianity faith in
which her mother did. The God she worshipped was a
beast of the sea, said to bring good fortune to those
who believed and impervious desires to those who did
You: Cine day the mother was sitting next to the small
vessel she had arrived on many years ago, the
memory of the taste of human flash and blood lingering
on personguy. She looked out to the ocean, bellowing
with all her might, "Beast of the sea, why have you
damned the soul of my daughter)? Cause herto
believe in your fabled existence! Because of you, she
will be sentenced to Hell upon her death!"
You: It was at that moment that the tides tamed.
You: A large creature hauled itself from the depths of
the water, bringing itself in front of the woman.
Damned her soul to a fabled creature!?' the God
echoes, coming to her in perfect English. "Now, my
child, you witness me yet you have faith in your so
called Heavenly God'?" The beast looked at her,
You: The mother, though surprised, held her ground. "I
believe in the power of my God. Without this belief, I will
be banished to an eternal Hell. This is the fate of my
daughter if you do not return her soul and allow hora
true Christian life.."
You: The beast looked at her, firmly. ''I can grant you
this wish, but you must first complete one task."
You: "Anything," the mother breathed.
You: ''I' m gonna need about
You: The End
Stranger: what
Stranger: just
Stranger: happened
Stranger: I
Stranger: am
Stranger: so confused
Stranger: but thanks
Stranger: for sharing that
You: I' m glad you appreciate it
Stranger: one question
You: Yes?
Stranger: did you just pull ALL of this out of your arse?
You: Yes, yes Idid.
You: My arse is full of wonderful surprises.
Stranger: wait but that is aactually so cool
You: Why thank you =)
Stranger: If you worked on your endings you could be
a very successful writer
You: What can I say, Igot lazy
Stranger: haha but you really brightened up my night!
hope yours goes well too!
You: Your welcome, I' m glad I had the chance! Thank
YOU =)
Stranger: I}
Your partner has disconnected.
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#1 - zetman
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This is pretty amazing.
#2 to #1 - homicidalherpes [OP]
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(08/24/2012) [-]
Thank you
#4 - woffie
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(12/01/2012) [-]
Possibly the greatest thing i've ever read!!!
#3 - thewizsam
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(08/24/2012) [-]
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