Photoshop Troll. Not Mine. But I love seeing these, this one was just too great not to upload here. Check out for moar lulz!. Edit out a pers photoshop troll funny
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Photoshop Troll

Not Mine. But I love seeing these, this one was just too great not to upload here.
Check out for moar lulz!

Edit out a person?
agroup unpeople to we and we : ture but there' s one butthat none ,
you could guy on the 91117 Thank you so much
Lindsay, Good Afternoon.
Apologie new 11 Englsh 15 111 Foto you have 911/ : vagiclean, 1 make axed wth you
How you say remove we make none ems on 2 hour
snuping more votes tow you?
Have aim day!
indias cu s
to Photoshop _
Thanks, tmes areally Creation, butyou actuallity the oppiste ehwhat 1 wanted wwanted the guy you
kept . everyone apeture st/ l there
Thanks so much, sorry 701012
Lindsay, Good Alter Noon,
1 make large apology thm 1 make axed
1 make , to everyone else my house
Apology en Englsh
my F s
to Photoshop _
Sorry 'misunderstanding Maybe you could have someone translate foryour 1 want all but one
person Inthe puma The one male person on the far rum the blackjacked, the red nan
we everyone else stays the mauve
Q Photoshop Requests request@ photoshoprequest com F s
to Loosey _
Fast or all m sorry for any may have caused He has been asigned to another request
he has had d@ culty complaing yours
We read through the . ' m certain 1 understand your request
to Photoshop _
Well, that' s , but Wynn could otherguy? He do a batsman
the person
Sorry, and thank you
Q Photoshop Request ' request@ photoshoprequest com F s
Unfortunately because ohm way managed, leon' t be able to amen the requester “ma second
1 know wow 15 a we In better at Photoshopping 1 am, but that
1' Avery proud Mme outcome You can that anyone was everynite background and l has a pretty
neat smokey ween
I' go ahead and mark your request as Complete
Q Photoshop Request ' request@ photoshoprequest com ' _
an automated message status ofyour request
Requested: was
Status: Complete
Volunteer: / Yakov
User Feedback: Wat’: 1 want'
Feel nee to replete ths
Photoshoprequest Team
Lindsay " s
to Photoshop _
mt sorry, but the 'smokey efect" does not look real at all Wynn would please gum the photo and
to someone wen the same as really apprecaite
til Photoshop Requests request@ photoshoprequest com v. _
yo 1 hooked u up wt we smoke
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Submitted: 08/21/2012
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#1 - lordmacflurri (08/21/2012) [+] (3 replies)
I took the time to read it all and it's pretty hilarious.
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