JOKES. 50 THUMBS AND I WILL POST MORE. A Loy walks info his parens: s room and sees “Elem having sex. he doesny: know whai: kc, “mink so he runs kc, his room an
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A Loy walks info his parens: s room and sees “Elem having sex. he doesny: know whai: kc, “mink so he runs kc, his
room and hides “mere. fine mom wani: ed kc, creole a share ior him kc, Believe. so she goes kc, his room and says
Mahoney file only reason i was ]:rounding up and down on lah, was kc, : en him out singe he is geh: ing a
iih: plump."
fine Loy “sinks ior a second and says
bur mom “mar wani: ever work"
muse every day when you leave ior work Hue neighbor lady over and ]:rious him hack up again!"
A girl home kc, her mom and says
mommy i played wii: h iih: johnny tooday. he made me
do a ,, Nisi, 1 while he sal in file free and ." {wearing a skyri:]
fine mom responded
y. johnny cual wani: ed kc, see your pani: ies. doni: iiss: en kc, him anymore."
fine nexu day. fine girl : mes home and says
mommy mommy! i i: ricked iih: johnny!
I Aidan wear pani: ies gooday!
A Loy was walking home irom kahooi and he sees bseg, dogs humping in fine middle oi fine road.
He goes home and asks his dad whai: Huey were doing. and his dad explains, “They were making puppies."
Thai: night he walks info his parens: s room and Ends his iai: her on imp oi his moi: her. He asks. Wat are you
His dad says. we're making you a Lolv, ]:rrai: her."
The Loy “sinks and says. "Flip her over. FA rai: her have a puppy."
so “mere were i: hree men in houri: who were ]:raing fried ior whai: Huey Aid in fine local d. russi: ore. The judge asks fine
find man whai: his name is, and he says. ' judge ' asks whai: he Aid " fine d. russi: ore and he said, q
was ]:rioting smoke in aisle -:*."The judge Aidan see anya: hing wrong wii: h “sis so he lei: Michael go. He ' goes kc,
fine second man and asks his name and whai: he Aid " fine d. russi: ore. He says. My name is John and Iwas ]:rioting
smoke in aisle 4." Ag's, fine judge saw noi: hing wrong wii: h “sis so he leis John go. He ' goes up kc, fine Cord
man and asks whai: his name is..... He says. q am Smoke."
Lille Johnny is playing wii: h his Friend and he noi: aoes his new wards.
q in on my parens: s while Huey were in fine Lsl.
As soon as Johnny gels home his parens: s are in fine Led. so he walks in on Ge,,,.
Wat do you want son?"
Gk you GEL. wards. Luk cual donki: make any noise!"
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