Wut. hory shet. CI Anonymous (/ ) 15: 35 No. January 22, : Dr. Hegira Sate and his team of scientists frem Japan, America, Canada, and Britain begin work on a t creepypasta conspiracy mutants
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CI Anonymous (/ ) 15: 35 No.
January 22, : Dr. Hegira Sate and his team of scientists frem Japan,
America, Canada, and Britain begin work on a transference
February 11th, 2033: First machine is tested successfully after ever a hundred
failed tests. Controversy ever the destructive nature of the technolagy ignites.
July 13th, 2033: A catastrophic incident with an machine destroys
the city of Hiroshima, in devastation not seen since the atomic bombs were
dropped nearly 90 years prior. Japanese government officials move to ban work on the technology, though Western powers
urge them to allow it, despite the mishap.
April 22, 2035: First sighting uninfected individuals. Most are animals, some humans are also shown to be susceptible to
infection. Most seen around the ruins of Hiroshima, which had not been rebuilt.
CI Anonymous 11511 8/ ) 15: 36 No.
May 13, 2035: Northern Japan is split its Southern half, as a nationalise quarantine is enacted. Anarchy soon
spreads through the infected regions. 15% of humans exposed to the disease are immune and show no side effect-
are affected fatally by the disease, which causes . A% ofthose exposed are shown to
successfully mutate. The "Virus" is faund to be a spreadable corruption of genetic material, which causes rapid
mutation in infected individuals. All large animal life above ground is soon infected.
January 1, 2040: 98% of all animals in Japan are wiped out; ecosystems ruled entirely by infected individuals.
May tth, 2048: Japanese Defense Force engages infected individuals to preserve quarantine. , attacks by
infected humans and animals are seen. High levels unintelligence confirmed.
May 111th: They , and the nation ceases to exist.
October 13: The United States Carrier George W. Bush is attacked and sunk by an unknown ferce. Later revealed to be
a ) assault by the infected. Use of Atomic weapons to destrey all life on Japan considered, but denied.
February 12, 2052: Remaining inhabitants have appeared, by outward observers, to have began adopting the
infected into their religions. Part of this religion is a ban, and the banning against infected
individuals. This is surprisingly effective at ceasing convict with infected individuals.
CI Anonymous 11511 8/ ) 15: 39 No.
April 2, 2055: Infected seen to have spread to North America. Military preparedness results in a far more contained
infection. Hundreds in the United States, Canada, and Mexico die.
March 11, 2061: The United States Army begins experimenting with the combat prowess of infected animals, whe are
shown to have a friendly connection to humans whe treat them well, much like dogs. Initial tests exceed expectations-
Later that same year, China, Russia, Vietnam, and N. Korea react by signing the Commu Pact, ensuring protection
against the now utterly overpowered west.
July 2, 2063: The Commu alliance declares war on the United States. Infected used to great effect-
November 9, 2066: The war ends. Communist states are dissolved, China and Russia (and all } are now under
the jurisdiction of the NATO.
December 25th, 21112: The now divided regions that were once Japan begin to open up to the outside world. Mostly
through scientific trade eff.
February 1, 2081: Japanese scientists sneak into heavily infected Brazil. They DNA of one ofthe individuals
believed to be one of the first infected.
Beliefs are that the infected are actually the next phase in evelution, and to find one ofthe originals would better help
the understanding. There are many tried and failed cloning attempts, befire aminal experiment is successful. The result
ofthis experiment, capable of , is responsible fer the deaths Mizzens befire
May 22, 2081: Ash Ketchum turns 111 years old.
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