Tiger. yes, I posted this story there. File: -( fio HE, 5501: 4151, Tiger, jpg) eile me. age if high school_ junior year sschool' s mascot is a lion. rivals are


yes, I posted this story there

File: -( fio HE, 5501: 4151, Tiger, jpg)
eile me. age if
high school_ junior year
sschool' s mascot is a lion. rivals are the tigers
am the school mascot (the guy that wears the suit at sporting events. not a lion)
obummer day. alter school
eget suited up: take bus to football game with football players
at game do typical cheering on the team and keeping the crowd happy
ewe Tigers mascot and I would have small. somewhat playful. battles. exchanging tricks and such
elm clearly better
ether starting to get a bit angry
me to a plastic sword fight
H accept
eiight starts
ewe exchange hits
Ht actually hurts quite a bit
m winning
ether starting to get really pissed
ether eventually throws down his sword and starts punching me
H back off. pissed
ether staring at me with smug eyes
pstart to get really mad
ether turns around and waves his arms at the crowd
ewe crowd cheers him on
ehis back is turned to me
towards him as the crowd hushes
ether looks around. confused
churns around
m right behind him
H plunge my hand into his mask and rip out one of his smug Tiger eye
ether is scared
H look down at the Tiger eye
ebook back up
on top of' l' iger
pstart **** out of him
H mean like really hurting him
m pretty sure I broke his nose and probably fractured a rib
eaters pull me off
enrage me overdo sideline
comes over, takes off my mask
estates at me
e" What made you do that?"
H sit there for a second, thinking
Ht was the eye ofthe tiger
Ht was the thrill of the fight
extending up to the challenge of our rivals
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