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#187 - doggstar
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(08/15/2012) [-]
well ****, my life was easy. and still is.
parents divorced a year after i was born.
have 3 elder siblings to contend with.. always get what i wanted because i'm the youngest (**** yeah)
live in poor backward area filled with druggies and dealers
four younger siblings arrive in the few years before my tenth birthday (**** yeah more kids to play with)
make freinds with children who possibly need help (hell yeah i've got friends)
no curfew ever set (stay out all night **** yeah)
live like that till i turn 16, move with dad to another state (wooo change of scenery)
a year of school then i leave and become an apprentice chef (**** yeah cooking)
just finished my apprenticeship this month (**** yeah i rule)
see my life was awesome