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#72 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
Splatterhouse.... Me Gusta
#186 to #72 - splatterhouse (08/13/2012) [-]
I see everyone keeps mentioning me. I'm a bit busy trying to save Jen. But how may I help you?
User avatar #78 to #72 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
you are stuck, you are not the main character, you are in there world
User avatar #89 to #78 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
well **** me then...
User avatar #90 to #89 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
yeah, at least you werent playing... i cant think of much maybe prototype?
User avatar #91 to #90 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
User avatar #93 to #91 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
though in the world of amnesia, the main protagonist is actually at a disadvantage, think about it, all of that game those things are in his head, not the world around him, you would be fine :P
User avatar #94 to #93 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
That is very true. Also, didn't say this before, but I ******* LOVE PROTOTYPE
User avatar #95 to #94 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
did you play the new one? it was a little disappointing to me, but prototype the original actually caused me to find my group of friends, i was talking about mercer, and out of that fell my new best friend xD
User avatar #96 to #95 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
No, havent played Prototype 2. TBH, haven't finished Prototype. Friend "borrowed" it and haven't seen it since. And you know he INSISTS he returned it to me months ago, when his sister weaseled him out on stepping on the disk.
User avatar #97 to #96 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
did you at least get to the line " Nothing can protect you from me! Not men! Not weapons! Not armour!" ?

that line will echo in my mind along side all of the other life changing quotes from my life

no matter the obstetrical, a true hero, be it a dark or light hero, can over come it

that... and "Who the hell do you think i am?"

will be with me forever
User avatar #98 to #97 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
Unfortunately, I don't think I did... I got to the mission where I hae to hunt down the helicopter with the dude in it before he escapes the city, then lost my game.
User avatar #100 to #98 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
wait do you have steam
User avatar #99 to #98 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
that was... the mission right before the line....

would you mind if i linked you that section from youtube?
User avatar #101 to #99 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
I have steam, but as I am broke, I have no way of purchasing things from steam. And it would be fantastic if you could link me that section.
User avatar #104 to #101 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
i couldnt find the section of it... but i have an idea, ok my steam page is


add me on it, im gonna be out tomorrow, and im gonna try to do a random act of kindness for a fan of prototype
User avatar #107 to #104 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]

Thats mine. if you add me it works I guess.
User avatar #105 to #104 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
it won't let me add friends because I haven't bought anything on it (which is ******** ). I just got it a few weeks ago and like I said, I got enough money for **** I need to survive, and thats about it.
User avatar #108 to #105 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
just accept :P
User avatar #106 to #105 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
link me yours il add you
User avatar #109 to #106 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
all right
now what?
User avatar #110 to #109 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
tomorrow, il buy a prepaid mastercard :P
User avatar #111 to #110 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
nah, dude, you don't need to do that. I'll just go get the 25 bucks I need for a new copy from Gamestop from my friend tomorrow or something. I feel bad if you go and buy something for me.
User avatar #126 to #111 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
and safe travels to you my friend,

ok 2 things about my job, i didnt apply at all, it was given to me because my boss knew my dads mother in highschool (i dunno)

and we get free food only have to pay for drinks
User avatar #131 to #126 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
also, we tried putting a dishwasher tip jar out (mostly as a joke, but still) and our boss told us no and put the 10 bucks that was in it in the register for change.
User avatar #130 to #126 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
we're supposed to get fed, but the time they put out the staff food is the same time when the big rush of dishes comes in. And we can't stop to get food or else our bosses bitch us out (I swear its like asking Satan for a salary). By the time we get to it, the servers and hostesses have picked it all over so theres maybe some rice and a half piece of chicken left. and on occasion, me and my buddy who I work with get to flip a coin for a small piece of pizza! I mean seriously though. It's gotten to the point where we've started scavenging un eaten food from people's plates. The place sucks. But, I'm getting $10 an hour, so I guess theres one up side. Now, if I could get more than 4 shifts a month I might be able to afford some **** I want.
User avatar #116 to #111 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
cant reply to your last commetn any further, and yeah it wont run on macs... ****** , well than go pester your friend until he repays you your game xD

i shall find another stranger to do random nice thing for

btw money means nothing to me, i made a 60 dollar tip tonight and im the dish washer where i work
User avatar #119 to #116 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
also, a $60 tip, as a DISHWASHER!? Jesus, the place I work at doesn't even feed us after a 4-11:30pm shift... and the dishwashers don't get **** from the tips...
User avatar #118 to #116 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
well, I gotta say. Thank you a thousand times over anyhow. It's people like you that restore my faith in humanity a small amount. The fact that you were willing to spend your own money on a complete stranger, just so they could experience one moment of bad-assery, truly shows that you are a person of an unmatchable caliber. Thank you again, and I hope that Karma repays you justly with many beautiful women and safe travels in your future.
User avatar #112 to #111 - wajaba (08/13/2012) [-]
im a spoiled child who does nothing but take take take, i want to start giving and this is something small
User avatar #114 to #112 - Whatwhat (08/13/2012) [-]
well, here's the real kicker (pleas don't kill me) I.... own a mac. I just don't want you to go spend money for something that might not run. Do you think that really makes a big difference?
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