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#271 - nucularwar
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(08/11/2012) [-]
problem solved.
anyone ever wonder why people care so much about what computer other people use?
#304 to #271 - anon id: 084328ad
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(08/11/2012) [-]
Why can't we have both?
I own both a MacBook Pro and a Toshiba laptop... I'm a Graphic Design student and I use my Mac for school and projects using Adobe Design Premium (or whatever) and I use my Toshiba for anything else that I need... (gaming and FL Studios mainly) they're both great laptops and I think people who can't afford Mac's are a little butt hurt inside and that's why they say macs suck... of course you can pay less to have a "better" laptop (more memory, more storage, better graphics, better for gaming...) but you can't buy the security Macs have (little to no viruses) and I think the layout is sexy compared to Windows 7.