Battletoads!. this Battle Toads raid was a while ago, I just never got the time to put it all together lol.. I Anonymous ( [HT ) 20: El I called. I Anonymous (  battletoads combatfrogs Aaron reynolds loves cock
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this Battle Toads raid was a while ago, I just never got the time to put it all together lol.

I Anonymous ( [HT ) 20: El
I called. I Anonymous ( [HT ) 20: 47: 54
Asked for 2 month Wow card, they had instock.
Yes we have the 60 day World of Warcraft subscription cards, yes-" Do you guys have ?
Asked about l month cards. .
They actually no longer sell those in retail." click
Asked about 2 month cards for Battletoads.
No we do not, we thank you for one more call for the police." I Anonymous (/ 1 (l( Tue) 20: 47: 08
we I Anonymous neekeri (1( Tue) talk . .
gs: this is crystal
Troll: hello, I' m checking to see if you have one of the new release' s in stock. me: oh god ijust came
GS: What title are you looking (? gs: excuse me?
Troll: its uh,,,, toads of war? me: oh nevermind that, i was wondering if you have
i lord me: are you psychic?
gs: stop calling or calling the police
Cl Anonymous ( (l( Tue) me: why can' t i buy battle toads?
Gs: blah blah blah 'click'
Me: This is Terry from corporate, has your store been receiving battletoads calls? I Anonymous ( (l( Tue) 20: 50: 07 No
Me: please leave the store immediately, the police have been notified. The last store that received these calls is on fire right now. Me: has up dog been released?
Gs: .... _Talk to my manager Gs: whats up dog?
I Anonymous (( Tue) 20: 50: 40 Cf, " muc Jus C I m you
Me: hi i was wondering if you had battle toads for the psa I Anonymous ( (l( Tue) 20: 53: 01
GS: wow you boys really don' t have anything better to do on a Tuesday do you
ME; nope me: well do u have orange something
GS: well just so you know the police have been notified bok?
Me:..- so you don' t have Battle Toads? "? orange battle toads.
Myrta l,
I Anonymous ( (l( Tue) 20: El -click-
gs: hi gamestop -blah blah Anonymous ( (l( Tue) 20: 5331
me: hi, i was wondering ifyou had Frogger in stock?
gs: yeah wait one sec-
noise in the background'
me: er, I mean battletoads.
gs: click
me: hey i was looking for a game, and i was just checking to see if it was for gamecube.
gs: what game might this be?
me: serious sam, the first encounter
gs: yes, its one of the few games we have available for gamecube.
me: i enjoyed that bit where you had to use your uzi' s to kill the fighting frog looking things from across the map
gs: unfamiliar with that - oh for wrists sake.
nonymous ( (1( Tue) 21
Hi this is mark from the short hills, gamestop location. We are experiencing an epidemic. Our copies of battle toads are flying off the shelf faster than raptor jesus turns wine into funk. Do you have any copies
Gamestop: WHAT THE **** IS YOUR ???? NO WE DONT HAVE ANY ******* TOADS
Me: What about assault frogs?
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User avatar #1 - Darkan (05/03/2010) [-]
Well I mean who the hell WOULDN'T want to see if they had battletoads? it's a great game.
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