Facebook. Kinda OC, found on facebook Look at tags. Johnny the hipster llama Like This Page ' NI at till the the nating attacked. tir, w, mares ahaha epic fail  thank You for looking Have a nice day
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User avatar #3 - purealterego
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(08/09/2012) [-]
kinda oc? is it oc or not? i guess its not so thumbs now :/
#4 to #3 - imhereforthepron [OP]
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(08/09/2012) [-]
Well, I didn't take the picture, but I print screened it, put the blocks on it and crossed out people's names so yeah, kinda OC haha
#5 to #4 - imsoverylonely
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(08/13/2012) [-]
Ugh, this isn't OC, this is a piece of **** repost like half the content on funnyjunk. If you didn't make it yourself, ( no, I don't mean crossing out names and ****), I mean you thought of it and created it all by yourself and didn't get it off facebook.
#2 - imhereforthepron [OP]
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(08/09/2012) [-]
And yes, honor is misspelled I saw that :p
#1 - imhereforthepron [OP]
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