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#519 - ovehnine (08/08/2012) [-]
i just want to say: who the hell wants to believe in a god who would put his own creations through eternal suffering just for not believing in him? even if i knew he was real i wouldn't worship such an evil god?
User avatar #588 to #519 - chucknorrisTHEGAME ONLINE (08/08/2012) [-]
I'm Catholic, and a lot of what I believe was taught to me second-hand, so I may be wrong on the usual belief, but here's what I believe.

Hell isn't a place we're sent if we're bad. At the end of our lives, we get a choice. God offers the option to live forever with Him and his people in a place of love and joy. Hell offers a life of material joy and everything on earth you could ever want.
If we have lived in a way where we try to live through God, we will tend to choose that option. If we don't, we will choose the material option. However, the material option is awesome at first, but soon it grows tiresome and empty, and you feel how suicidal people often feel. You have whatever things you want, but you aren't as fulfilled as you thought you'd be, you aren't fulfilled at all. And you have to live a life of emptiness where you wish you could die instead, but you can't.

However, I also believe that in the end, after thousands of years, we all go to heaven because God wants us to be happy, and we needed to learn at some point what happiness meant.

I don't know if that's an accurate representation of any religion, but it's what I think.
User avatar #594 to #588 - ovehnine (08/08/2012) [-]
i find your belief very comforting.
User avatar #524 to #519 - fudgeandjunkies (08/08/2012) [-]
He actually doesn't punish people for not believing in him. He punishes people for sin. God approves more of an kind-hearted atheist than a hateful christian
User avatar #532 to #524 - ovehnine (08/08/2012) [-]
hmm, where to start. my response is meant more for the kind of people that believe that god hates atheists. now your kind of thinking is something i can get behind.
User avatar #529 to #524 - urbanvibes (08/08/2012) [-]
the bible says you are not saved by your works, but by your grace, meaning even if you were as good as jesus if you dont believe, you go to hell.
User avatar #523 to #519 - tonyri (08/08/2012) [-]
>Implying you would choose to burn in hell for all of eternity to prove a point.
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