Faith in humanity -1. God Dammit. isms sud is the sun Fr..' star is the sun bigger than the earth is the sun Fr..' planet is the sun the biggest star III! VIII]
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Faith in humanity -1

God Dammit

Tags: really
isms sud
is the sun Fr..' star
is the sun bigger than the earth
is the sun Fr..' planet
is the sun the biggest star
III! VIII] ll:
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Submitted: 08/03/2012
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#120 - picklefcker (08/04/2012) [-]
if a kid from 10 year old does google than faith in humanity restored, his curiosity is going towards the right direction, this isnt such a fail tbh. Yet my face if a 20 year old googles this
#119 - anonymous (08/04/2012) [-]
Our sun is a dwarf star, and a small one of them
#117 - ronyx ONLINE (08/04/2012) [-]
#116 - bleeduntildeath (08/04/2012) [-]
if the moon is made of cheese, and the sun got close enough to the moon to cause craters, did space cut the cheese?
#112 - toxikxvenom (08/04/2012) [-]
**toxikxvenom rolled a random image posted in comment #146 at Real reason I enjoyed Spider-Man **
**toxikxvenom rolled a random image posted in comment #146 at Real reason I enjoyed Spider-Man **
#110 - koppmelk (08/04/2012) [-]
Tried this myself, what is up with incest these days
User avatar #111 to #110 - FelipeRuiz (08/04/2012) [-]
Don't knock it until you've tried it
#109 - funforlife (08/04/2012) [-]
**funforlife rolled a random image posted in comment #7560302 at FJ Pony Thread ** Are you ******* kidding me.
#97 - mrcowll (08/04/2012) [-]
Should clear some of them up
Should clear some of them up
User avatar #95 - ortonja (08/04/2012) [-]
Surely you should GAIN faith in humanity, because whoever Googles that is obviously trying to learn more, and be less wrong.
#98 to #95 - anonymous (08/04/2012) [-]
no because only a retard would search that one which is beyond help
#101 to #98 - twilightdusk (08/04/2012) [-]
What if the google searches are from small children who haven't had a chance to learn properly yet?
User avatar #102 to #101 - mtandy (08/04/2012) [-]
Anyone who doesn't know the answers to those questions is probably too young to be allowed free internet access.
#103 to #102 - twilightdusk (08/04/2012) [-]
You're saying if there was internet when you were 5, you wouldn't find ways to get onto it?
User avatar #104 to #103 - mtandy (08/04/2012) [-]
When I was five we had 1 computer shared by the family that my parents had the password to. Usually just read books to learn stuff. I liked pictures...
#107 to #104 - kingchase (08/04/2012) [-]
I don't know about you guys but when I was five I looked up porn.
#94 - fuckingreposts (08/04/2012) [-]
** ************** rolled a random image posted in comment #613 at Wrong Movie **
#93 - anonymous (08/04/2012) [-]
I really don't get why the 'Are you ******* kidding me'-thing is there.
#86 - nickmandemon (08/04/2012) [-]
you could be like 6 year olds who don't know any better who are searching those things...
User avatar #82 - koobzacc (08/04/2012) [-]
Still, this is better than those people NOT looking it up and always being wrong
#81 - rbpwn (08/04/2012) [-]
Well, a large percentage of Americans (around 45%, If I remember correctly) don't know that the sun is a star, So at leas they're trying to learn
#85 to #81 - anonymous (08/04/2012) [-]
there is also a large percentage who think that here in Scotland we still live in caves and hunt like cavemen...
#72 - bcmn (08/04/2012) [-]
So everyone must know about the relative size and makeup of the sun for your oh-so precious 'faith in humanity' to be stable? **** you, OP.
User avatar #74 to #72 - djequalizee (08/04/2012) [-]
#70 - anonymous (08/04/2012) [-]
Fun fact of the day: 55% of Europeans don't know that the sun is a star.
#100 to #70 - anonymous (08/04/2012) [-]
WHAT THE **** ! impossible ******* Kenyans who have little education know the sun is a star and the earth goes round the sun.
User avatar #71 to #70 - autocorrect (08/04/2012) [-]
Fun fact of the day: You logged out to say that ******* ***** . Go back to McDonalds american fatso.
#87 to #71 - anonymous (08/04/2012) [-]
Don't be upset. We all get butthurt sometimes.
User avatar #73 to #71 - MenstruelSandwich (08/04/2012) [-]
Fun Fact: If you look at that check box in the bottom left of the reply box...
User avatar #77 to #73 - autocorrect (08/04/2012) [-]
It doesn't change the meaning of logging out you retarded **** .
#92 to #77 - anonymous (08/04/2012) [-]
Fun Fact: autocorrect is a Eurofag, who can't get over the fact that America isn't as dumb as he is.
#78 to #77 - anonymous (08/04/2012) [-]
LOL @ your negative 4 thumbs.
#69 - Laddie has deleted their comment [-]
#65 - djequalizee (08/04/2012) [-]
All right, to answer all these comments about "At least they looked" and "they're are a bunch of 5 year old children on the internet" i understand where you're coming from. Yes its good that they correct themselves. but honestly, i thought it was funny that they were the TOP THINGS SEARCHED. I mean, its not like 5,000,000 5-7 year olds searched it on Google. That's what i found amusing. I think its funny that a lot of these people A) would've leaned it in school or B) used common sense. Hopefully that clears up all these comments, thanks guys
User avatar #79 to #65 - fpsnoob (08/04/2012) [-]
But when you think about it, who would really be searching "is the sun" on google? I don't really think that's a common search for anyone other than kids.
User avatar #80 to #79 - djequalizee (08/04/2012) [-]
when i was searching it i searched "is the sun's mass around 2^30 lg to prove it to my friend ^^
User avatar #84 to #80 - fpsnoob (08/04/2012) [-]
I'd usually just search "sun mass" for that.
#64 - gildemoono (08/04/2012) [-]
At least theyre trying. they could simply choose to live with their ignorance as so many idiot do, but they decided to actually seek answers. theyre still dumb, but ambitious.

also 5 year olds can get on the internet now, who knows who asked these.
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