Thank You. I'm just so happy. Original FJ post: /funny_gifs/3965440/Well+alright+then/ Original So my friend and I ma drive away video
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Thank You

So my friend and I made this video
I made it into a GIF and put on on
It got the number one spot
Someone made their own GIF of the
video and put it on Reddit. That also
got the number one spot.
Beause of Reddit, it made the front
page of Imgur
cw n. Tr
Imgur s
its also traveled to
And Iwastesomuchtime
on Facebook are the ones
who told me how much it spread
But this little video I made all started
to go viral because of you guys. If it
didn' t make the front page here, it
wouldn' t have gotten anywhere else.
So thank you Funnyjunk.
Views: 88815 Submitted: 08/03/2012