The gang years later.. I saw this the other night, sorry if its been posted already, but that would just make it a repost of a repost so...... we 1343717452344  hey arnold
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The gang years later.

The gang years later.. I saw this the other night, sorry if its been posted already, but that would just make it a repost of a repost so...... we 1343717452344

I saw this the other night, sorry if its been posted already, but that would just make it a repost of a repost so.....

we 1343717452344 .3133 KB, 500x692 )
D Anonymous on ) / 31/ 12[ Tue) 53 52 No 415353172
Remember me? 27 now- and that summer hanging out wth the gang seems soling age were all pretty deferent now We made peace Tames change And so do people
D Anonymous on / ) / 31/ 12( Tue) 51 34 No 415853303
D Anonymous on / 51 47 No 415853336
we 1343717537933 we 188x292, gerald pug)
L Gerald went on to play at use When we 501001 he started to 'jocks'- but when he saw me the hallway he would stop and chat wen he would Just say - "One day hearst walked up He tore Rose Bow, the
inductive Maegan earler bested en the anthros Gerald would never play agaen Iheartdip he works ' s Skole, and well on way to manager, but we dent talk much 1711155 ms
D Anonymous on . Jyy) / 31/ 12( Tue) 56 26 No 115854168
we dropped out ornage school He started tbr ups and manager He has 3 tees and was We used to meet every kw weeks , he always spending more than he had 1 never mended leveing the rest orms tab hamon
to pay tbr cab we home But 1 couldnt take an old mend 1 hope he can stop dranking and work tings out wth wk was all 1 can (10101 mm now hope
D Anonymous on ) / ) 02 58 33 No 415354554
we 1343717913339 ', 240x351, )
Helga passed me a wth poems on the Mal day year school Apparently she hallowed me sence the town dated for , but eventually dated apart- our hollow and Chanda tonne Mal kw months She eventualy went
to community college, but only completed one semester more gettng pregnant and dropping out me that she was sexually abused by maddie school Maybe that' s why she was so mean? Ill never know Helga began to , and new hooked on the
needle we state took hersh/ d Bun cute, teen wth whom 1 shared
D Anonymous on ) ) 03 32 21 No 415855231
Rhonda started when she was 16, and boy were we A brooder- at our PS Ily- but alter puberty she put on wean , were akw SEARS and catalogues, but contracts hard Helga used to
tell methodshy would brag about all the men she " members, indulging mps, and aalways hoped she would andthe hapiness she wanted
D Anonymous on . Jyy) / 31/ 12( Tue) 34 55 No 415355733
we 1343713295945 my KB, 640x640, grandpa jpg)
Grandpa PM passed swims back ' s had taken he 'taod/ mg mime ho body But he was jemal and gentle we state sent us an estate check 1013250 dollars and we were able a plno box and a humble concrete headstone was a
mce, But that was aways decade ago, and any unease we the ktchen burned all the pictures we had armm, land myself struggled to remember ms we we solace Aimee on long aeterna -
er a sage enduing long past the / of phyical existence
D Anonymous on / 36 33 No 415855954
we 1343713363213 my KB, 323x243, Grandma jpg)
Grandma Gems was ddns castling passed was broken gone No more than week alteriw blocks south old , me She med , and was baned nexter
Grandpa 1 keepa picture orderly my wallet, and havent mustered the callous heart to remove and 1105555510715 wmm her bedroom we postthree years have been a lot her not around
D Anonymous on ) 37/ 31/ 12( 39 37 No 415356574
we my KB, 400x300, )
Stoop we sure was always arad to leave ms stoop spent alone, coupled whathe helluh that naturally comes mm such splenda , created man of reason He ms stoop, and new Mayor
D Anonymous on ) 37/ 31/ 12( 15 23 No 415357669
we KB 288x299, ?)
Army alter hgh school He sent a kw letters to the gang, but by that urns had our own was - we were largely husbanded[- and 1 dent thok anyone ever wrote hon back He eventually ceased correspondence 1 saw mm a bar a kw years ago; he was heally back Mun
ms second tour nae hun a beer and he sad 'yhanks% Southern mam No one has seen or near rom mm
D Anonymous on ) / 23 34 No 415359334
we KB, 480x360, haroldms)
Harold graduated maddie ortho class and passed on a Dyson ll scholarship to play football He was a great coneman, and actually developed ante a robust and lonesome young man Eschewed college, he went nght anto the NYPD trollng program - and now a sergeant? He
was the grandpa passed, and was surprisingly consoling and 1 near rumors that he a homosexual, a 'bear" they say wont know otherway 1 pray tbr safety
D Anonymous no / 26 31 No 415363321
we 1343719591123 KB, 480x360, phoebe_ Eugenie?)
Phoebe and Eugene went to prestigious school Marthe and stacked the latter Phoebe became a research coordinator at a hopital New York Cty, where Eugene manned a desk at Lehman Brothers mained, now 12151719 Stamford,
Connecticut Eugene occasionally prowled as anonman, andthe SEC men 'probot hun ' say- at papers -thatcher surmise he never be charged Eugene 1111155
D Anonymous on ) 37/ 31/ 12( 31 16 No 415363393
we 1343719376766 my-( 127 KB, 47334 92, reah_ kea_ aeneid png)
K As For me, 1 am glad 1 got to share wase Mal moments win some We were ableto eney- no, our much , change And people change And thigs mam get better And thigs worse But someimes
thigs Just stay the same
You watch everyone change, evolve, transform automat 1 dent know about you, but 1 am mm a Unmelted around the wast 1 am my stupd hat lam chll trudging away ths God damn fucko' tity And damnitall end
so Byyour beloved Arnold has hm angemon the tracer And tnns amt 1911 Mr Hyuna packed up ora dead mime he nee Sagan Itw/ unless you want me to We
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#4 - cerebralassassin
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(08/02/2012) [-]
I am on the verge of tears, Why /b/ Why? Hey Arnold was my favorite show.
I am on the verge of tears, Why /b/ Why? Hey Arnold was my favorite show.
#6 - deezknuts
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(08/06/2012) [-]
that's adorable.

everyone knows arnold and helga get married, while helga's older sister becomes regina spektor

besides, eugene dies of aids a year after, but nobody gives a ****
#5 - mechbaird
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(08/03/2012) [-]
#3 - sirdick
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(08/02/2012) [-]
live, live and prosper
#2 - crackerasscracker
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(08/02/2012) [-]
#1 - anon
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