Ghetto Hikes Part II. Since so you guys seemed to like it I found some more. Credits to Ghetto Hikes.. Ghetto Hikes I' m 28. I have Lea ding are an kids (cf all
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Ghetto Hikes Part II

Since so you guys seemed to like it I found some more. Credits to Ghetto Hikes.

Ghetto Hikes
I' m 28. I have Lea ding are an kids (cf all races) an
nature hikes. I simply write dawn **** egg say. email:
ghettohikes( iig mai' I. eam
USA . ghettohikes. com
Ghats Hikes Ghe. tr.?, Hary?. s
GONE carved his name into tla SHE DING tree. NOW
peoples gonna think aami Indian hieroglyphic **** went dawn_"
Retweeted Akavari
check. Graham' s Crackah. check. Dapple Chocolate,
check.) Chet Laurice is one crazy Ema makin' *********** "
Retweeted Akavari
Ghats Hikes Ghe. etrp, Hire. s 30 Jan" -x
Litterbug Tasha threw her Frito hag an tla ground. Uncle Sam
gonna be ******* "
evandro " Retweeted Akavari
Ghats Hikes ". etrp, . Ea. s 28 Jana-
Gerald aimed my Powerade and act' n like he didn' t. Over there wit a
purple mustache. needa recreate me a drink_"
Require in " Retweeted A Faydra
Ghats Hikes .icine. ?. s Jocuri
Barnard's mad cull change his facepain to say he like men and he
can' t change it cynthia forest ain' t got no win"
Retweeted Akavari
Ghats Hikes ifile. etrp, Hi, y. E. s 24 Jat:
Mr. Curtly, magically what you mean when you say there wild animals
up in here?'
Ghats Hikes ". etrp, . Ea. s
Shanice' a bootprints make me think I dam faund the
snow man."
Require " Retweeted Akavari
Ghats Hikes .Ghe. etrp, . E;
Mr. Cody, ifyou could he a forest animal, what' d you bet? I he a
snart, aroundd all lre ... searh '
Require " Retweeted Akavari
Ghats Hikes .
We out in nature dawg. ain' t no need to use dictionary words like
Require Akavari
Ghats Hikes ...Ghetti) Hoicks /
Mr. Cody, me n' Patrice gunna pake holes in thetop assistent_ My
mama gunna he pissed ifl come home "
Retweeted Akavari
Ghats Hikes icy/
This is kinda like eatin' at a Rain Forest Cate, huh Mr. Eddy? ___ 'cept
I can' t adder no cheeseburger."
You [isn' t need to tell Marvell he haste **** in a hole, halide ***** in
all sorta crazy places"
Retweeted Akavari
Mr. Cody, lemme pariah them binoculars, I think I SEE‘ a pack at
bald eagles"
Retweeted Akavari
Chipmunk, prairie dag, squirrel... whatever, that ************ lam
like Alvin."
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Submitted: 08/01/2012
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