My Project. Check the tags... Hey look at that, somebody already did this
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My Project

Check the tags.

Tags: You | are | Awesome
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Submitted: 08/01/2012
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#519 - thepopnfresh **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#518 - timetoroll (08/06/2012) [-]
**timetoroll rolled a random image posted in comment #36892 at FJ Pony Thread 14 **
User avatar #488 - mourningspawn (08/01/2012) [-]
so..... i was this on reddit last night....
#491 to #488 - marcello (08/01/2012) [-]
Show me the link, ****** , and I will delete my account.
User avatar #500 to #491 - mourningspawn (08/02/2012) [-]
Well that's a ****** deal, i don't give a **** if you delete your account
#503 to #499 - feffog (08/02/2012) [-]
and by the way dont use the "mine is different" argument," you cant just change the look of something and call it new, You're not apple.
and by the way dont use the "mine is different" argument," you cant just change the look of something and call it new, You're not apple.
User avatar #501 to #499 - feffog (08/02/2012) [-]
Do it ******
#504 to #501 - marcello (08/02/2012) [-]
Not even close, ******* .
#1.) That is a concept bigger than mine, and, based on the wattage of the screen, only gets about half the amount playtime as mine.
#2) My portable was specifically built so that it could work dually as an actual N64 and hooking up to a TV and adding actual controllers so you can play with friends.
#3) Obviously the designs and way they were put together are Completely ******* Different So this is in no way a repost or in any way related to that one.
#4) You're sir, are a ******* .
User avatar #505 to #504 - feffog (08/02/2012) [-]
>microsoft invents tablet based technology
>apple copies it and adds new **** , calls it their inovative idea

same concept
User avatar #506 to #505 - feffog (08/02/2012) [-]
what im trying to say, its already been done yours is just different
#508 to #506 - marcello (08/02/2012) [-]
You don't even understand the concept of a repost, do you?   
						*******					 12 year olds...
You don't even understand the concept of a repost, do you?

******* 12 year olds...
User avatar #509 to #508 - feffog (08/02/2012) [-]
For one, im not twelve, And two, im a higher level than you in funnyjunk, so you cant use the *********** line,

ever heard the term line "same joke different comic does not make it oc"?
same concept
#516 to #509 - anonymous (08/03/2012) [-]
you retard there will always be a new generation, what he did was great. When you make a ******* art project with any medium if it is the same medium as any other type of work of art in history, we will call it s piece of **** , and not important"
User avatar #510 to #509 - marcello (08/02/2012) [-]
Once again, you're logic is retarded. I had an account up to a few weeks ago called DoctorOctogonapus but the servers ****** up and now it says I deleted my account.


I'm done with this.
User avatar #507 to #506 - feffog (08/02/2012) [-]
and whos to say you had seen the other, tried it your own way, and once you got it done, re-uploaded the concept calling it yours,

just look at it from my view for a moment youll see the confusion
#517 to #507 - anonymous (08/03/2012) [-]
he didn't call it his he called it his project you scum of the earth
#487 - anonymous (08/01/2012) [-]
Casually saying spidermanrapeskids for no apparent reason...

Also, my portable NES player
#493 to #487 - pukingrainbows (08/02/2012) [-]
my portable gbc, gba, n64, snes, ps1 player
User avatar #486 - raylenes (08/01/2012) [-]
wow thats really cool! too bad im too lazy to create anything like that :P
User avatar #484 - sonicserver (08/01/2012) [-]
need the "i am a simple man" picture
#483 - mikaelkid has deleted their comment [-]
#482 - anonymous (08/01/2012) [-]
Does it play Battletoads?

#492 to #482 - gootnaflegma (08/01/2012) [-]
MFW i saw this post
User avatar #481 - teros (08/01/2012) [-]
To be honest do not want, that's a handheld setup on the entire console's frame. Way too inconvenient/uncomfortable play. I've seen some makes done like this much smaller.
#480 - anonymous (08/01/2012) [-]
[url deleted]
User avatar #479 - Koreawontletmefap (08/01/2012) [-]
So it's not really a portable N64...its just a normal n64 with a small screen
User avatar #477 - quotetype (08/01/2012) [-]
#476 - melxgirl (08/01/2012) [-]
Post was boring for every time I had to see the pieces that ended up breaking. But when I FINALLY got to see it work out, I just want. Can I have?
Post was boring for every time I had to see the pieces that ended up breaking. But when I FINALLY got to see it work out, I just want. Can I have?
User avatar #474 - whitewallsofalaska (08/01/2012) [-]
Not O.C same idea was already made by someone else.
******* ****** this is all over the internet how to make one.?
But of course you 12year old's don't know how to internet.
#485 to #474 - fucks (08/01/2012) [-]
OC = Original Content. Not original idea. This content is his, ******** .
#475 to #474 - anonymous (08/01/2012) [-]
hey dumb **** , it was his own idea, he tried doing the same as the other guy but decided to do it his own way
User avatar #472 - iamnottaco (08/01/2012) [-]
New game systum? You will get a lot of money
User avatar #471 - tommay (08/01/2012) [-]
Oh man, portable Pokemon Stadium?! Do want.
#470 - literally (08/01/2012) [-]
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#469 - originalonefifty (08/01/2012) [-]
Sir, here is a check with my name on it. Write down any number on this piece of paper and I will pay it.
#478 to #469 - anonymous (08/01/2012) [-]
You can actually buy them, people are selling them everywhere, like here [url deleted]
#468 - jaggedherp has deleted their comment [-]
#467 - retrogears has deleted their comment [-]
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