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User avatar #937 - ekhemm (08/01/2012) [-]
Yea ok, but care to notice that America is a huuge country, with massive population therefore there is a bigger chance of having talented people, also there's a good standard of living in US so if someone decides to take on career in sport they could quite easily find all the right equipment, trainers basically everything they would need, it may not be as easy in other countries, besides those few athletes do not represent everybody in the country, just a certain group of people
User avatar #944 to #937 - witeboibrown (08/01/2012) [-]
I thought the Olympics was an event where they take the best of that country, so tehcnically, they do represent everybody of that country and not just a small group. Why do you think countries get so excited for the Olympics and soccer (futball)? It's cause it's the people representing their country. And the U.S. makes up 4-5% of the world... If population was everything then how come China and India still trail the U.S. even though both countries each are 4-5 times the total amount in population? I'm not saying other countries don't have disadvantages in certain aspects because sadly, some countries do. But most of the heavy hitting countries have just as many resources or in some cases more resources for equipment and training than the U.S. yet the U.S. still remains always neck and neck at the top for almost every Olympic event (I'm talking about now, not the past because the U.S. spike in technology obviously gave some advantages in the past). Don't make excuses for why the U.S. wins, this is the 21st century, the advantages the U.S. used to have are almost entirely gone yet they still find ways to win. Every reason you gave to why the U.S.'s wins are somewhat tainted are becoming more and more void as time passes and almost every Olympic game has a strong feeling of more than a few countries all playing on even ground.
User avatar #963 to #944 - ekhemm (08/01/2012) [-]
Exactly, they take the best of that country, and they do represent the country but not all the people in it, maybe because english isn't my first language i failed to explain myself, but what i basically mean is that the fact that America has a lot of good athletes has nothing to do with the amount of fat people in that country, because there is a lot of obese or overweight people in US (and yes i know it applies to other countries as well like UK where i currently live, but US seems to take the lead anyway) and there's also a lot of good athletes there, however the number of the medals they won doesn't suddenly mean that the whole world was wrong about America and its problem with weight. The points i raised are there just to show that there's more to look at to get the whole picture e.g population and standard of living, who knows maybe if other countries had the same kind of money as US does, maybe they would have more and better athletes. Yes China and India do have bigger populations but at the same most of their people live under the poverty line, they may not be able to take on a career in sport . I feel like im getting off the topic, look i didn't try to start an argument with anybody i just wanted people to see that there are more factors they should look at :)
User avatar #966 to #963 - overweight (08/01/2012) [-]
I got a notification saying that you said my name. So I feel it is appropriate to be here in this thread.
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