Fuck this guy.. Sorry for the long post, and rant. But this guy is a right bellend.. So, Funnyjunkers, it appears we have a new reason to hate this world yet ag fuck twitter guy
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Fuck this guy.

Fuck this guy.. Sorry for the long post, and rant. But this guy is a right bellend.. So, Funnyjunkers, it appears we have a new reason to hate this world yet ag

Sorry for the long post, and rant.

But this guy is a right bellend.

So, Funnyjunkers, it appears we have a new reason to
hate this world yet again...
Rileyy_ 69
g rileyy_ is gorgeous and the sweetest bay ever, in one”
You him became I say so the as x x
the milkyway / com
at h
Meet Rileyy_ 69 This asshole right here
Yes, this is his actual twitter profile picture.
Him posing topless... looking like a contender for
douchebag of the year.
RI LIV :.;Rileyy_
you let your dad down i hope you know that
This is a comment he made after Tom Daley failed
to come first in the Swimming event at the 2012
For those that don' t know, Tom Dacey' s father passed
away last year, and so to say shit like this... well.. it' s
just fucking illogical.
Of course, Tom Daley responded by tweeting, "After
giving it my all, you get idiots sending me this..."
Daley abused on Twitter after missing
mm -mm "t mm -to This Rileyy has tweet
even made the news
Rlbi._ V mountan _
who new again my We unmet t: new or " New when all so mi
we [tlr,
mt.: mounten ii H; -ti
Junta ya the
t took the you Mat you
Hench Dill you lust a we my Mia? happened to you not new on
1' 994 Wu my mate i my you to an cause its the
olympic: tint in annoyence tutti win I' m warm
ante's as at ‘WW
i ohm we a luck at least i don' t my on the who 3”"
no picture var like have year
vwm, m,,, mutt Junior: n tn in
you may try your we yousaid yaw:
ume,, Rt “,5 Fr 'll', your prong and you tel us allow. tram:
Wu town i hope you knowthat ‘W W_ m_ m
Hana not out its {heeled (tte now i not lies (eeoc bad
id eat you alive you Deni will cont mention me
again okay i punt like you
an CT-
9 _ he at the that country awn HE' S I not my Mm‘:
tunneling against men
HILIT Junie: hi B/ 7, 55 st
gaer_ webster noun
b' ' a','', yor, what you start amstell you ‘W Mat even produce hr Your Nur lust a dive! _ a over hyped
on my
may Junta: no gm " KI
country awn lust ruck on
have i hum amen»
Above are some of the following tweets he has posted,
and it really sho s you how retarded this kid is.
noisey_ an
what the hell tint on shy news?
To the right, you can
see several tweets made by Rlck, ';Riley_ tn
asking for Forgiveness Expand
Uh, you """7" < he mews @ to be really honest minty i wish i had italent like
his apology you and that' s the reason why lhr] jalous] ust sorry again
Think again Expand
not ant i trending worldwide?
please i don! want to be hated lint lust sorry you
didn' t win i was rooting tor you pal to do britain all proud lust so upset
lint really sorry t
lint sorry mate i lust wanted you to win cause ts the
Olympics lhr] ust annoyed we didn' t win lint sorry tom accept my
Rileyy_ 69 then decides to abandon his plan of "retention"
and instead begins to threaten anyone who sends him
isg an
He posted this a mere 2 hours
after his so called "apology".
More Faggoty @ lose on the individual event aswell
because your shit
tweets... Expand
who wants the on
items; an
where are you not you little pussy?
awn " Rileyy_ ria
T @Skypers you tucking report me on the news again /ll have you
done tor harassment and a lawsuit you get me renal chance you
RI cry
I would be here all day showing you how much of an
asshole this guy is.. so instead I shall show you a few of
my "favourite" tweets of Rileyy_ 69 below...
Junta i; _ as
tint going to ma you and lint going to drown you in
the pool you cocky twat your a nobody people like you make me sick
iss tn
do you want me to come to your tucking house
not with a rope and strangle you with it
RILEY liar"/
This ione is genius... @ you had a heart how good my
He calls him a cripple comebacks are or you still here answer mayou cripple before i put
and then threatens to you Ill acual
put him in a chair".
Common sense has been
lost in this one.
Below are his two final tweets of the time of this post...
And as you can see he is now wondering if he is on BBC
News. He thinks he' s a fucking celebrity or something
Rlck, f. Rileyy_ tn
m an i on om news right not someone switch the telly on?
m LIV Junta l Ellery_ ria Gm
W lint in the tucking newspapers mtg
Now Funnyjunk, I am not making this just to show you
the lack of
1) intelligence
2) courtesy
3) common sense
4) morality
and anything else this kid shows. .
I am making this so that people
become aware of like
So that we can show people that
there really are some right
out in this world...
Ijust had to express my anger here, on
this website... if I didn' t, all this ferocity
and anger would make tonights wank
And I will not let this fuckin'
guy ruin my nightly meat tug,
Anyways.... sorry for the long fucking read.
If you happened to ignore this post, thenjerk is a short
summary: Rileyy_ 69: World
Class Cunt Nugget.
Original Rant by Grahamsayshi
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