Ghetto Hikes part II. part I : /funny_pictures/3907272/Ghetto+hikes/. Ghetto Hikes I' . I have offi' I' heading urban kids (ifall races) on nature hikes. I simp Ghetto Hikes part II I : /funny_pictures/3907272/Ghetto+hikes/ I' have offi' heading urban kids (ifall races) on nature hikes simp
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Ghetto Hikes part II

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Ghetto Hikes
I' . I have offi' I' heading urban kids (ifall races) on
nature hikes. I simply write do tun shit they say. and ail:
USA . ghettohikes. com
Ghetto Hikes --: es 22 Fir/ r
Edi. DECK there havin' a starin' contest with SUN. the
whole pack... homeboy shoulda gone to Space Damp."
in " Retweeted A Favor!
Ghats Hikes ihe. etrp, Hines 21 Few!"
Iplr. Cody. I ain' t no snitch or barkshire shown‘
colored rocks in his pockets. Homie lootin' the forest!"
Require Akavari
12: 13 Fl/ - 21 Few". eirika TAE. Ea. Details
ls rabbits eatables Or you just s' posego to cuddle the fuck outta
3: 5 J, Ar,] - 20 Fear. 12 Tweet! -s for Details
Ghetto Hikes . . s 17 Few
Yo Mr. Cody. how many these mushrooms I gotta eat to' I Super
Mario fuck outta dis place?'
Ghetto Hikes - la'. Fear
HEY! say no more Jelly Bellys if you usury swear words...
Holy shit! Yolanda got a bean.?"
Require Akavari
14 Fear 12 as Tu‘ -!'eetin for Ida-: Details
Ghats Hikes ', Hir. y?. s 13. Fear
Hey Dustin! Dasha ass ova here! We buildin‘ bird feeders! Peanut
butter Pinecone craft time ."
Require in " Retweeted A Favor!
11: 45 AL! - 13. Few. 12 via T" -nestle for i. -Ian: Details
Ghetto Hikes . iiy.?. C) Fear
Them shears is funny lookin... Homie wearin‘ a snuggle full time."
12: 26 Pl, l - 9. Friar. 12 as T: -.-testis for Lisa Details
Ghats Hikes "Ghe. etrp, Hi. . s 7 Few
s tat ass whassa back there. Homie can' t keep his pants up.
Tryna borrow s belt. I' m like nobody here wear size Equator!"
in " A Favor!
Ghats Hikes .) Hists '3 Frer.
Mr. Cody, this cool but next time I get my cousin L)' wayne to deliver
us Papa Johns. Rename these woods was party forest."
is " A Favor!
8: 26 it! - '3 Few. Asciiy?. tie. for Lisa: Details
Yo Mr. Cody, this sleepin' bag is feelin‘ godhood. Feel like I' m akin‘
it wit a big ass loafs or some shit."
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