le 9gag army. www.examiner.com/article/alleged-dark-knight-massacre-shooter-may-have-issued-a-warning Le be le careful le with le 9gag le army. le lololol Don't le I le trusted le you
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le 9gag army

According to Ellette. cam which calls itself
Europe' s Fastest Breaking News Service"),
sameone calling himself "Jameson) "
A screen cap mews the alleged warning,
Tomarrow I will kill everyone during the new
Batman premiere in C) c) ) rallo - People will die
has wees Durdurum as Chefs Knorr tor the glory the Le wag alanyl"
ttritty um: fining?
View slideshow: Alleged 'Dark Knight
Massacre‘ chanter. Jaimes
The eerie thing is the name ofthe
poster and the fact that this was pasted
yesterday. James Holmes is the aid
farmer University at Camarada medical student
accused of shooting and gassing a theater in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 and injuring SE.
Either it is one snapper at a coincidence that a . corn user maid have use that particular
name as hours pepare the killings made James Holmes a nearly household name, artois was a
warning pasted agape alleged killer.
E WHITE Wati MI [E Wht [E
pasted a dire prediction an the site yesterday.
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