Life as a freshman #1a. Yeah, just continuing the first one.<br /> /funny_pictures/393396/Life+as+a+freshman+1/. well anyhow. seeing as how I got a pretty Life as a freshman funny cool Prank i like Bacon and vag sandwiches
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Life as a freshman #1a

well anyhow. seeing as how I got a pretty decent
response to the first one. I felt I should look
you in the eyes. here is the response you all
have been clamoring tor, also their will be
something for the anons at the end. but you
have to read this whole thing first. Anyway.
there was no real retaliation to our prank on
facebook (so far) but he did come over to our
house and sit awkwardly across from me...
an my me"
shudders* well. we watched deadliest catch x
fuck yeah). then played some halal (double I
fuck yeah) and he got to talking about life '/'//
st choices. Now. one thing you have to
remember. is my uncle can get... a bit
Talking about all the mistakes
he made as a teenager.
disappearing now. partially because of my
shame. partially because of my inability to keep
myself from going insane. repeatedly drawing the
same character. Anyway I had felt I carried the Joke
to far. Well I told you my uncle was emotional. what
I hadn' t told you was that he' s butt. I' seen him
throw people through walls. Yeah. so somehow. his
sense of humor failed. He didn' t seem to understand
the Joke. As he stood over me, fists clenched.
sphincter tight. and face red from crying and anger.
I told him it was my moms idea. which it mostly
was. I haven' t seen him or my mom since...
am my pans
all m
m — mismos
an my me"
lol still nothing. Unless you can take a joke. then you
get a bacon sammich.
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