I really don't like people.... then my girlfriend chimed in basically calling me an asshole because i "threw around god's word for all the wrong reasons..& i Hate People

I really don't like people...

then my girlfriend chimed in basically calling me an asshole because i "threw around god's word for all the wrong reasons.."

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I probably won' t be liked after i say this but 100% in what they support and how
they feel about homosexual relationships..
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Cameron Care to explain why?
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ME Because it says in the bible that relationships are between a man and women
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Cameron okay, it also says in the bible "tou shall not bear false wowers against your neighbor' which i at
know for a fact you did all the time back when I was back at Barren. Also stated in the bible is ‘too shall not
covet your neighbor' s house; you shall not coyer your neighbor' s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant,
nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor' s," meaning that you will not be jealous otter
anyone else' s stiff. So by browing up ‘it' s in the bible! l l l." you are telling me that you live a perfect life. you do
not Curse, you do not otter ANYTHING, you do not spread rumors about people, you respect you
mother and fewer endlessly, i could go on buti think you get the point. this is why so many people who are
homosexual are also atheist, because dose minded people like yourself feel like they are so shunned out that
their own fewer doesn' t love them for who they really are, it' s not something they choose to do, homosexual
people are born the way they are, and you just conne in and bash them for it? doesn' t sound to christian to me,
in 1 peter 4: 3 it says "Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins," so
don' t preach to me about how the bible says for a man to lay wiw a woman and a woman wiw a man, love has
many different shapes and forms. who do you think you are to try and say that only your way is right?
one pissed off heterosexual
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Haley I' m sorry that you feel the way you do we can just agree to disagree and drop it,
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haley's face when
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I don't support gay marriage, just don't. Won't use Leviticus to back it up, I do think it's a sin, but so are a lot of other things, worse things actually...wish people would stop using the bible that way though, giving it a bad name. Really taking away from the more important things in it.
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