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User avatar #172 - Roeley (05/02/2010) [-]
fuck moslims,its so true,why can they laugh at jesus,and god but we cant about muhammed ?
#176 to #172 - anonymous (05/02/2010) [-]
wow your obviously a fucking uneducated moron go read a damn book
User avatar #186 to #176 - Roeley (05/02/2010) [-]
anons,most of them are muslims,to lazy to create a account,cuse they are making bomb-belts
User avatar #208 to #186 - ThatDamnCanadian (05/02/2010) [-]
Yes because every muslim is obviously a terrorist and wants to blow up things. YES OF COURSE!!!
fucking redneck
User avatar #182 to #176 - Super Mario (05/02/2010) [-]
You forgot puncuation. Go read a damn book.
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