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jews are technically a race although they are the same as any other white people, which is basically saying race is classifying people by how they look like and not by where they were born or racial background. Now since Jews as mentioned in history books moved into Egypt, one of the early civilization sites, they could be considered a race since they wernt the same as the true Egyptians. Then they decided to keep their bloodline pure and of course they are also a religion since this "race" believes in the same religion. But they are only allowed to marry other Jews which is keeping them a race, but today its hard for this since the world is a melting pot. Now when we look at race, all we see is black people, white people, asians, arabians. We just judge people on how they look like instead of where they are actually from. Someone who is from china can be said to be the same race of one from japan. And since other people from our race of white people have orange hair, we consider them a different race even though they are still white. Race now means how people view you physically. Therefore Jews arnt a race anymore even though hitler thought of them as a race, i dont think thats true anymore since they arnt pure bloodline anymore.