INTERNET FIGHT!. I was on, listening to all the bitching, and this one in particular came up. I LOST IT! This was, by far, one of the best Internet F internet fight bitching true love at fifteen Oh god lol
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I was on, listening to all the bitching, and this one in particular came up. I ******* LOST IT!

This was, by far, one of the best Internet Fights I've seen in some time.

By the way... **** full blurring.

w an . Whatever'." BLAHH BLAHH BLAHDY. Life matres on and so will it
if 3 Thanks for MOTH ING J" arkoth,
2 hour's we . Comment . Like
2 hours ago
I was good ta mu strap, reply ta my messages. this fighting has gone w long enough,
and as soon as Tou end the fighting the happier yaw be that you did, we always end
up back an track and happy so why are you making this waise.
rams age
m I Feel creati dont need Tou ta drag me dawn!! Friends and family is all i need LEA ta
think this phases me it dont! a bitch and dont give 2 ***** DUNE!!!
I hour ago
Damn girl. **** , Just listen ta the guy. Tour being dumb as **** , Grow up and Elk. ta
him, Tour hiding muse your ******* saved, Get a damn grip w your life. You look
pathetic And your right you are a bitch, I bet ‘urn: was aweseome ta you and naw
your gonna blow him offline he was nothing, He probably was the best thing that
happened ta you, UP -I l- I No we likes a baby bitch, So ******* yaw up
I haya' age-
In this is wt sister. I am wing ta say this we time and we time only, You an
tell -I III the sanae thing i' m telling yam LEAVE MY SISTER . I am getting sick
of him and all his Hm friends harrassing her, I am about ta drive aall the way ta east
chuck a (k and kick his ass, I am someone you dont wanna piss off, You all need ta yaw
up and strap playing head games and harrassing my sister. this is the only time going
ta warn you assholes,
1 hour aga-
lloll Well guess what?! I dont knon wt and truely ill be honest, if you have ta warn
me, . "tell thatswhat a waste ertime muse really i aint saved ofa you, a juggalo and
**** trust me, Nothing snares me,
I hour age:
HUGH? such a taugh ass! cograts! lal
as Dylan 5 moment we
l MFA this whale t:
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Submitted: 07/14/2012
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i find it adorable that he thinks being a juggalo is a threat...
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